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Pixel Mapping And Lighting Control With Hippotizer

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Media Servers are traditionally used to playback and manipulate video, graphics, and generative effects in real-time on large displays, but did you know they can also be used to manipulate the output of your lighting fixtures? Using a Media Server to do this has huge advantages over manual programming and will save time and money while also being extremely easy to program and control in real-time.

What is Pixel Mapping?
PixelMapper works by mapping many thousand light points easily and effectively within the Media Server interface. Once set up, it is easy to play and manipulate video across an entire lighting rig from a single map.

Pixel Mapping can easily create highly intricate and energetic lighting effects. It allows lighting designers to precisely control the color, intensity, and movement of individual pixels or groups of pixels, enhancing the overall visual impact.

When and where will you use it?
Pixel Mapping offers many benefits to enable infinite creativity, easy customization, and real-time control making every space or event even more visually engaging and impactful. That is why almost every Live Entertainment or TV show will use this feature to bring the set to life, but equally, Pixel Mapping is also used for immersive spaces and corporate installations to complement the existing infrastructure.

• Boost your corporate message – Use Pixel Mapping to boost your message by incorporating branding elements in your lighting fixtures. Event organizers can also respond to changing brands by adapting all visual elements including lighting on the fly to ensure brand colors are represented beyond standard displays.

• Increase broadcast impact – Pixel Mapping dramatically increases the visual impact of any broadcast show while also reducing the requirements for elaborate physical set designs. This significantly reduces cost and saves time by negating the need for complex lighting programming or additional LED walls. Another advantage of using a Media Server to control Pixel Mapping is for smooth transitions that do not visually disrupt the flow of the show.

• Creative concerts – Creative and dynamic backdrops can change and adapt throughout the event, adding depth and dimension to the stage and venue. Additionally, for concerts and live events, Pixel Mapping is simple to synchronize visually immersive and stunning effects with the rhythm and tempo of the music to add to the audience’s visual experience.

• Make every exhibition more memorable – Make every exhibition memorable by enveloping the audience in visually stunning pixel-mapped lighting elements, creating a highly atmospheric experience. Pixel Mapping lighting fixtures immerse the viewer into a rich visual environment supporting the video elements.

• Architectural lighting –  can enhance the visual aesthetics of buildings and interior spaces to encourage customers to visit. Architectural lighting can also easily be integrated with interactive technologies, such as touchscreens, clocks, or motion sensors, allowing shoppers to engage with the visuals and influence the display in real-time.

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