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Playbox Neo To Display Broadcast TV Channel Branding And Playout Solutions

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PlayBox Neo is to demonstrate the latest additions to its range of broadcast TV channel branding and playout solutions at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Exhibit highlights on Central Hall Booth C2427 will include integration of EAS (Emergency Alert System) and expansions to the feature set of TS Time Delay.

Also on demonstration will be the latest-generation AirBox Neo-20 playout, ProductionAirBox Neo-20 production playout, Media Gateway live media delivery and distribution, and the Channel-in-a-Box television branding and playout system.

"Media content owners and broadcasters demand efficient pre-installation planning, easy day-to-day operation and effective future expandability in their choice of playout solution," said Van Duke, Director of Operations at Florida-based PlayBox Neo. "Our ability to deliver on every count has made us the market leader, powering over 19,500 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries. Our NAB Show demonstrations will cover the entire workflow from ingest, asset management, graphics creation, titling, subtitling, ad insertion and scheduling to playout and DRP. PlayBox Neo solutions range in size from compact on-site CIAB servers or cloud-connected SaaS up to globally transmitted multi-language networks with multi-time zone offset. Based on over 23 years of refinement, PlayBox Neo solutions are installer-friendly, operator friendly, cost-effective and backed by our high-level 24/7 technical staff support."

NAB SHOW DEBUT: EAS emergency alert management
The new EAS (Emergency Alert System) interface provides broadcasters with greater flexibility when airing emergency alerts and reduces the need for potential advertiser make-goods. Critical EAS data for crawls and audio is extracted within the AirBox Neo-20 streaming and broadcast playout module and the TitleBox Neo-20 character generator. “This is both smart and flexible in terms of how you can manipulate the alert”, Van Duke adds. “You can have customizable graphic options allowing the operator to overlay the alert over current programming. For the U.S. market, we have incorporated the DASDEC data stream output and feed this into TitleBox Neo-20 which triggers the graphics when required. The EAS graphic can be positioned or scaled to ensure it does not obscure vital parts of your program display, such as game scores. Text fonts and colors can be controlled efficiently and flexibly. The alert can be delayed by up to 15 minutes to avoid the risk of muted commercial audio, obscured video or graphics, or anything else that would require a make-good from the broadcaster to the advertiser. Each channel can be triggered with its own graphics and delay customization, all from one application. Operationally it’s a breeze.”

NAB SHOW DEBUT: Enhanced TS Time Delay
Designed for fully automated operation, TS Time Delay gives broadcast channel managers efficient control over program playout to multiple time zones. Time delay can be preset to run in fully hands-off mode or switched at any time to alternative offsets, including a zero delay output for each input. New features include built-in decoders and encoders plus the ability to transcode output stream parameters such as data format, video resolution and frame rate. Timing adjustment can now be adjusted over a wider range. Previously controllable from 15 seconds up to several days, channel-specific playout can now be delayed from 1 second to several months. Multiple channels can be controlled within a single AirBox Neo-20 server.

ProductionAirBox Neo-20 production playout
ProductionAirBox Neo-20 allows content manipulation and delivery to be performed with the near-zero latency demanded for fast-paced broadcast news, sports and live production. Features include the ability to trim or reposition every clip in a playout while the scheduled session is on-air. Commands such as next, jump or shuttle allow playout order to be modified seamlessly without interrupting the current playout session. ProductionAirBox Neo-20 can be configured to function as up to four independent players. Each player has a separate playlist and playout control. All four SDI interfaces can be assigned as a program or preview output. Single-channel or multi-channel user interfaces are available to streamline the operation. ProductionAirBox Neo-20 integrates easily with MOS-compatible solutions. Most recent of these is the recently announced agreement with SNews whose Arion software equips newsroom teams to monitor, search and filter incoming and archived content.

Media Gateway live media delivery and distribution
Media Gateway allows the entire process of playout routing and decoding to be handled in software. This eliminates the capital cost needed to operate hardware routers, codecs and related devices. Media Gateway can be installed onsite or in the cloud. Integral software codecs allow signals to be converted between SDI, NDI, SRT, UDP and RTP. Video and audio content can be sourced directly from a desktop screen and delivered as live feeds. A built-in multiviewer includes automated black-frame and frozen-frame alarms.

Channel-in-a-Box television branding and playout system
PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box is a complete system providing all the facilities needed to create and maintain single or multiple television channels within a seamless workflow for local or remote control. Based on AirBox Neo-20 playout automation, it can be configured to any required scale from optional elements such as Capture Suite media ingest, TitleBox Neo-20 interactive character generation and graphics, and ListBox Neo-20 scheduling. Terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-streamed transmission are all fully supported.

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