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SETUP and pulldown time for news crews has been halved as a result of innovative, patented lock and spreader features on the new Sprinter Series of lightweight location tripods, being shown for the first time on Miller’s Camera Support Booth during IBC 2001.
Sprint-Loks - dual-action, high-speed set-up Miller's Sprint-Loks (patent pending) are dual, side-action leg clamps that let you independently adjust both stages of a 2- stage tripod with one hand.
Each tripod leg has two Sprint-Loks, co-located on the upper leg clamp. The result: high speed adjustment, no more bending down to adjust the lower tripod stage, and no more accidental unlocking - the streamline design and single lever action ensure it. The Single
Stage Sprinters feature a similar Sprint-Lok side-action lever to adjust its single extension.
Speedy spreader and transport clips Sprinter's setup speed is also increased by patented
transport clips, safer and quicker than spring cord or Velcro when it comes to keeping legs together in transit, while Miller's rugged mid-Level spreader, with adjustable centre hub and telescopic extensions is the only spreader that lets you set up to any height, precisely and quickly.
Miller Sprinter has a flexible, inline carry handle, positioned to ensure balanced carriage of the Sprinter with any 100mm ENG head, such as Miller's Arrow ENG or Arrow HD head. The inline handle offers rigidity in the grip, with a flexible, inline Cordura
attachment to the leg that lets the handle automatically recede when the tripod is packed down.
The Sprinter ENG series is available in carbon fibre or alloy tubing, in 2-Stage or Single Stage, with weight ranges from 2.5kg to 3.5kg and a 45kg carrying capacity. And despite their incredibly low weight, a newly designed 100mm bowl has increased the tortional rigidity of the tripod to ensure highly stable shooting, even under high wind conditions or telephoto shooting. (CD)

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