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Off The Case In 50 Seconds – ProSup's EJib

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The two most ingenious assets of the Prosup EJib are the compact packing size inside the Pelicase and its speedy set-up in less than one minute.

This is made possible as the EJib is designed in a way that there are no loose parts and hardly any parts at all – just the EJib with locking screw and a reversible 100mm bowl.

The EJib is the perfect travel companion for your 100mm camera tripod. Just remove the fluid head from your tripod, put the EJib in between and mount the fluid head again – either straight or upside down (undersling) onto the EJib's 100mm bowl.

The EJib weighs less than 24lbs (11kg) by having a carrying capacity of 33lbs (15kg). Its lift range is 24.4" (162cm) and the more you extend your tripod, the higher the EJib's top position. Camera lens heights of around 9ft (3m) can be achieved.

If you go upside down, the "Undersling" bracket is the ideal accessory for your EJib.

The recommended rubber coated counter weights are 2x22lbs (10kg), 1x11lbs (5kg) and 1x4.5lbs (2kg) for the maximum payload of 33lbs (15kg). The adjustment weights of 11 and 4.5lbs (5 and 2kg) will fit in special cut-outs in the bottom of the cases' special hard foam.

To set the EJib's counter balance 100% accurately, you can use the travel way of the counter balance rod. Thus the EJib will stay in any position – even at the very top or bottom!

Contact: or T +49 89 4521 9060

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