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About CAS Camera Support

Camera Support Granderath ( CaSu ) is a distributor of Camera Support / Grip Equipment for Cinematography Electronics, Nalpak, Muraro and Prosup.

  • CaSu also designs and develops products with Prosup, their Dutch partner company, such as:
    the "LapTop Dolly" - a foldaway dolly for track and ground inside a Peli case. It comes with rubber spanners to lock tripods directly to the dolly surface. Optional available are a swivel support with continuously adjustable riser and a telescopic seat extension for cameraman.

  • the "EJib" - an utmost compact, foldaway travel Jib. Setting-up is done in less than 1 minute. Its lift range is of over 1,60m with a maximum height of about 3m - depending on the tripod.

  • the Prosup slider called "Tango Roller" which comes with magnetic end stops. It can be extended to whatever track length. The Tango’s lightweight design makes it an easy portable location companion. The Tango beam in conjunction with the Undersling bracket enables you to put the Tango in an underslung mode on light stands.

Prosup also makes the Plover which puts pedestal columns on tracks (Vinten Osprey, Sachtler Vario Ped) and other grip gear like Gimbal leveling heads, Power Grips etc.

Furthermore the CaSu range of products for the UK and Ireland comprises:
  • Tuffpak octagonal tripod cases with wheels and integrated handles

  • Cinematography Electronics' Cine Tape Measure the world`s leading continuous ultrasonic distance calculation device

  • Muraro, off-the-shelf as well as custom made light stands


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