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Decode: Not Just Your Average Hire Company

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Decode is a well-established, London based rental company with over 10 years of experience in the field of equipment and crew hire; but that's only the tip of the iceberg, says founder and MD Samuel Martin.

For a number of years Decode has been providing specialist equipment services to the film and TV industry that are far beyond what you'd expect from your typical camera and lighting rental outfit.

Samuel remarks: "It is true to say that we provide similar hire equipment to most other rental companies, we rent popular products from ARRI, RED and Sony, as well as a huge variety of lenses, accessories and lighting equipment, but we also pride ourselves on offering specialist equipment that few others do."

Over the last few years, Decode has invested in 3-axis gimbals systems such as Freefly Movi and DJI Ronin rigs, Freefly's Tero RC Car, Drones, motion control rigs and ultra- high speed cameras such as the Phantom Flex 4K.

Decode's staff have a combined wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of the industry due to their diverse backgrounds both on, and off set. They have camera specialists, audio specialists, lighting specialists, and even a drone expert within their extended roster of professionals. Decode were right at the forefront of the push towards gimbal stabilisation in the UK, being the first company to adopt Freefly's Movi rig into its rental inventory.

Decode's in-house Movi expert Will Green said: "The Movi has been a really liberating addition to the tools we have available to us. It's taken us from the hottest desserts in Morocco to the coldest peaks in Iceland, and has enabled us to capture incredible shots every step along the way! Being the first in the UK to offer the Movi has meant that we've been able to really build up a reputations as the 'go-to company' which has put us at the centre of implementing many exciting variations to the rig, from making it smaller on a plane, to making it work on cranes and on vehicles, and animals (yes, really) moving at high speed.

"We've introduced the rig to some of the world's leading cinematographers and are proud of our ever growing credit list, including such feature films as PAN and Mortdecai, and commercials for brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Sports Direct, Cadbury's, Virgin Active and more."

Mauro Bellanova, founder of our partner company 'Bee Aerial', has a reputation as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Drone and Tero RC operators in the UK.

Mauro recently told us: "Working with Decode has allowed us to implement some of their experience with 3-Axis gimbals to our aerial operation, which has been remarkable. From commercial and feature film work, through to maintenance and test of construction and remote access areas. Our drones have been flying consistently over the last few years and will continue to do so in the coming years offering our clients a service that will increase their production value exponentially."

Another area Decode has invested in over the last few years is high speed camera equipment, providing services with Photron Fastcam, Phantom LCS320 and more recently, the Phantom Flex 4K camera. Decode has focused its high speed eye mostly on the commercial market, feature films and high end corporate video where attention to detail is paramount.

Our specialist crew have been very busy in the high speed field, and note that the secret to success is giving productions these incredibly beautiful shots, while making the complex equipment and calculations invisible and seamless. Our crew have been heralded as reliable, friendly and competent operators, consistently, on production after production. It is our job to ensure the results are not only captured on camera, but are also safely stored in hard drives ready for editorial. Our selected credits include commercials for Johnny Walker, Marks and Spencer, Bet365, Benetton and more.

Decode has become known as the company who you don't just visit to dry hire a camera, some lighting or grip equipment, but the company who know every step of the process, and can offer professional, unrivalled support. We know what you need for your production, and are always happy to supply the expertise, crew, training, and equipment.

Our technicians are often involved in productions from the early planning stages, and work closely with you to test and find the solution you need to ensure you capture THAT golden shot.

Next time you are in preproduction, get in touch with us and let us help you keep the drama in front of the camera.

This article is also available to read at BFV online.


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Decode: Not Just Your Average Hire Company
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