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Shape Solutions For Sony Alpha Mark II

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With the release of the A7S II, Sony has now unveiled the second generation models for each of their incredibly popular Alpha 7 cameras.

The A7S II is joined by the A7 II and A7R II – with all models capable of recording 4K internally. This, along with other video-oriented features, makes these cameras a genuine proposition for use as a dedicated video camera.

Despite the ergonomics being well thought-out for photographic use, these cameras are simply not set up out-of-the-box for dedicated video operation.

Their small bodies are useful for travel situations, but for video-use, it becomes inconvenient and uncomfortable to have such a small footprint to handle the camera. Even with a prime lens, any lengthy handheld operation will simply become tiring, resulting in shaky, inconsistent footage.

Additionally, there is no way to mount video-specific accessories, such as a follow focus or mattebox.

Thankfully, Canadian camera accessory manufacturer Shape have been hard at work developing a bespoke solution that's compatible with the Alpha 7 mark II cameras – A7II, A7RII and A7SII.

Shape's ALPCAGEROD is the definitive starting point for a video-based setup with these cameras. Produced almost entirely from CNC machined aluminium, the cage is both solid and light, maintaining the compact form of the camera whilst providing the basis for rigging and mounting accessories.

The cage's left side features both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads, with additional threads located on the top plate of the cage as well as on the top handle.

Featuring Shape's push-button system, the top handle offers a convenient solution for low-angle shooting, or for simply picking the camera up. When the spring-loaded red button is pushed, the rotation lock is dis-engaged, allowing the handle to be re-positioned within seconds. Users can also mount Sony's XLR-K2M audio module by rotating the handle to a forward-facing position.

Fixed-height 15mm rods have been set to match the optical centre of the camera sensor, meaning professional mattebox's can be used without issue. If 15mm rods are not required for a particular setup, the cage, camera and lens can be removed from the baseplate using a quick-release system.

For shooters using a Metabones adaptor, a retractable bracket with 1/4-20 screw provides a further securing factor between the camera and the cage. It further increases stability, whilst protecting the lens mount on the camera.

When handheld operation is a priority, users can purchase either the ALPSM or ALPSM-OF. The ALPSM is a straight shoulder mount, for use alongside a separate monitoring device, or for users wishing to monitor with the cameras' built-in screen, they can opt for the ALPSM-OF offset version.

Available from UK stock now, please contact your usual dealer or Octica direct for more information.

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Shape Solutions For Sony Alpha Mark II
With the release of the A7S II, Sony has now unveiled the second generation models for each of their incredibly popular Alpha 7 cameras. The A7S II is