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Wohler To Unveil Tachyon Wormhole Upgrades

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Wohler Technologies is to unveil enhancements to Tachyon Wormhole, its automated file-based retiming and standards conversion solution, at NAB 2015.

The latest v2.3 release introduces a new segment detection feature, enabling operators to generate a list of timecode segments automatically based on the audio and video characteristics of the file to be retimed.

The Tachyon Wormhole appliance performs a plus or minus runtime adjustment of media assets, while preserving not only video and audio quality, but also closed-caption integrity. It allows content owners and broadcasters to meet specific customers' length requirements, and in many cases, the solution enables users to replace specialized hardware with a single server.

"Retiming content to ensure that it meets the time requirements of a network or leaves room for a broadcaster to insert additional ad spots is a common task in any media operation — but traditionally it has required a significant amount of time and human intervention. Tachyon Wormhole brings new efficiencies and cost savings to the retiming function by automating media retiming within the file-based domain," said Craig Newbury, vice president of sales at Wohler. "Offering a unique combination of processing capabilities along with a powerful, intelligent processing engine and an elegant user interface, Tachyon Wormhole is redefining media transformation from a business cost into a source of revenue generation."

Wohler's RadiantGrid platform serves as the file-based processing framework that integrates retiming of closed-captioning data, audio retiming, and pitch correction into the Tachyon Wormhole video processing workflow. The turnkey retiming system can process up to two video assets simultaneously, while synchronously handling up to 64 channels of audio and CEA-608 and -708 caption data.

Tachyon Wormhole also supports standards conversion, deinterlacing, resolution conversion, inverse telecine, and broken cadence removal/correction, with additional options such as Dolby E processing and color legalisation. This robust feature set enables users to consolidate critical media processing functions within the retiming workflow.

With the new automatic segment detection and timecode list generation feature, Tachyon Wormhole is able to analyze and divide the file into a series of segments that correspond with the content program breaks. By eliminating the need for tedious manual timecode math and by prepopulating the timecode list Tachyon Wormhole saves the operator time, by making it easier to set up a retiming job. The operator may perform a universal retime or use timecodes to identify specific parts of the file for retiming.

In addition, Tachyon Wormhole can perform automated segmentation and standards conversion simultaneously. In this case, the operator could identify a 1080i/50 file and send the content for conversion to 1080i/60 delivering a workflow that is simpler and faster, freeing up staff members to focus on other tasks.

Photo: Tachyon Wormhole Automated File-Based Retiming Solution

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