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ENENSYS DTT IBC 2014 Preview

At IBC 2014 ENENSYS will highlight its range of solutions for DTT regionalisation and optimisation alongside a new modular HDc chassis, which increases technology density at transmission sites and allows an efficient and cost-effective modularity.

Regional Emergency Warning System (rEWS): Providing TV-based emergency warnings of dangerous weather events and natural disasters is a primary concern across many countries and regions. ENENSYS has developed a technologically elegant and cost-effective solution – rEWS – for digital terrestrial (DVB-T and DVB-T2) networks, including those with multiple regions where only one region needs the warning. rEWS avoids the need for special receiver software by using broadcast TV channels to convey the warning message across all TV channels in a region (or nationally) at the same time. It’s triggered by signals in the broadcast transport streams (regional transport stream if regionalisation is performed), replacing the video and audio service of all channels by the EWS message. This means any receiver will play the warning immediately. Alerts can be broadcast from selected transmitters only for regional coverage. rEWS is available as part of all ENENSYS regionalisation solutions, including content regionalisation solutions (T2Edge with PLP substitution feature) and within the OneBeam solution (see below).
OneBeam – ENENSYS’ OneBeam is an overarching solution, encompassing multiple ENENSYS technology solutions. OneBeam solves the problem of being unable to use the same satellite capacity to deliver services for both DTH (DVB-S/S2) and DTT (DVB-T or T2). Before OneBeam, two separate networks have been required to deliver a content bouquet to DTH and DTT (DVB-T/T2) viewers because receivers for one could not use signals from the other. A solution was an economic imperative for DVB markets. OneBeam – which uses ENENSYS technology at both national and regional sites – provides a single feed with no modification of the A/V stream and therefore very significant OPEX savings. OneBeam is a central solution in ENENSYS’ DTH network optimisation capabilities.

New Products For IBC 2014:
New HDc chassis – ENENSYS’ new modular chassis can house up to six modules in 1RU, generating valuable space and cost savings. As well as handling multiple ENENSYS products (ASIIPGuard, T2Edge, T2EdgeDTH, NetMod, etc.) it allows modules to be hot swappable and the option to do the same with power sources. This makes for added flexibility and easy maintenance. The HDc platform is highly scalable and is fully future-proof, allowing roll-out with T2 local adaptation or T2 modulation, with the option to add a DTH combination as a redundancy solution.
Next generation T2Edge - The next generation T2Edge DTH, which can form part of ENENSYS One Beam, will make its debut at the show. Sitting at the transmitter end of the content distribution network, it features greater capacity, new input and output capability (including DVB-S2) and now fits within a more compact footprint. This latest version of T2Edge DTH includes ENENSYS’ Regional Early Warning System (rEWS) as an option – enabled via a simple software activation. The T2Edge DTH module is fully compatible with ENENSYS’ new modular chassis design.
ASIIPGuard – The latest version of ENENSYS’ ASIGuard switcher technology, ASIIPGuard is a higher density (up to six switchers in one unit), cost-effective switcher option. Located at the transmitter site, ASIIPGuard analyses transport feed data to ensure the highest quality final output, selecting the best DVB-S/S2 source from either ASI, IP or satellite input. Primarily used in cases where there is a main and back-up feed – for example, where the Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS) is delivered over IP with a satellite stream as back-up; if errors are detected within the IP stream (at IP or MPTS level), the system will automatically switch to the satellite input to select a better quality source for onward transmission – and vice versa. The switch can be seamless, even in SFN environment, to avoid transmitter desynchonisation and transmission black-outs. Built on ENENSYS’ new HDc platform, it offers flexible configuration and supports a range of new features such as peering, IP switching with ASI, IP with satellite, ASI with satellite, and ASI or IP outputs.

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