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Wireless Intercom From Riedel's Acrobat

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Communications are critical to the success of any live production, whether it's a theatrical presentation, worship service, or sports event, according to German network designers Riedel.

In such applications, wireless intercom systems have become the standard solution for ensuring that everyone involved in the production - from the commentator, performer, or pastor to technical personnel and even medical staff - has the information necessary to perform his or her role well.
Characteristics such as reliability, ease of use, flexibility, and audio quality are key differentiators among competing intercom systems, and we've taken an innovative approach to intercom system design to assure that our Acrobat digital wireless intercom system meets all of these requirements for even the most demanding users and applications.
The Acrobat is a proven and easy-to-use full-duplex communications solution that uses VoIP-over-DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology to establish a license-free cellular architecture with seamless hand-over between cells. Each Acrobat wireless belt pack continuously monitors and automatically selects the best connection to the Acrobat controller/base station, thus assuring that at any given time and from any given position, each wireless belt pack user enjoys the best possible connection and audio quality.
In some installations, such as the Acrobat intercom systems used at His Majesty's Theatre ("The Maj") in Perth, Australia, the multitude of frequencies used in the area presents a potential challenge. However, the Acrobat's flexibility and resistance to interference from wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and other RF systems allows the theater to address all of these threats to audio quality.
At The Maj, the Acrobat wireless system runs in the DECT spectrum at 1.9 GHz, well clear of other wireless audio systems and completely unaffected by the 'digital dividend' that has limited the contiguous RF spectrum in Australia. Riedel's Enhanced Sync Automation (ESA) manages the Acrobat system frequencies for optimal system performance when other DECT-based systems, such as telephones, are detected within the same environment.
The Maj uses one base station to control as many as 18 wireless belt packs, each with two full-duplex channels, and four strategically placed antennas to ensure complete coverage throughout the facility.
For Celebration Church, one of the United States' fastest growing churches, the Acrobat intercom installation performed by Omega Broadcast not only provided crystal clear communications, but also opened up future growth opportunities. The Acrobat intercom and its fiber optic infrastructure give Celebration Church the ability to expand further and link multiple campuses through an existing fiber backbone.
Another reason the Acrobat system has become so popular around the world is that it is versatile and can be scaled and adapted easily to meet production requirements. Unlike competing systems, the Acrobat system eliminates the need to have multiple master stations to accommodate more belt packs. A proprietary digital routing method enables users to assign up to 100 belt packs to one Riedel master station.
RG Jones Sound Engineering took advantage of this benefit at the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. The company has provided Riedel gear for the tennis tournament for four years now, and for the most recent event, it complemented the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom panels typically used for line-calling, stats, and scoreboard operations with an Acrobat wireless system for Centre Court presentations.
The Director software enabled technicians to control conversations and thus improve the clarity and utility of communications during the live event. For its popular worship services, often likened to sell-out rock concerts or theatrical productions, the Hillsong U.K. church depends on an array of Riedel gear including the Acrobat. Services are run by a team of volunteers who use Riedel intercom systems to communicate effectively, across all areas of production. Hillsong U.K. uses a selection of single- or double-muff light-, medium-, and heavy-duty Riedel headsets to address the individual needs and preferences of each team member.
The Acrobat's digital clarity, flexibility, ease of use, and versatile configuration options make it a great asset for live event production. With its reputation for exceptional performance, this intercom system is rapidly becoming a staple in high-profile event productions.
Read the article in the online edition of RFV here.
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