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Remote-Solutions & Bradley Engineering Unveil 'Remote Head'

If you consider yourself a good camera operator, the most important item on your newly acquired Jib arm is the Remote Head.
What you need from a Remote Head is:
• Ease of assembly
• Smoothness of operation
• Light enough to not exceed your Jibs payload
• Strong enough to carry the biggest cameras
• The ability to adapt to any situation
Whereas many firms can tick a couple of the boxes, we can tick them all and then add a few more of our own.
An early Jib adopter, Stuart Bush now trading as Remote-Solutions.Tv, has owned and operated Jibs for over 20 years and was a BBC cameraman for many years before that, so knows what he is talking about.
He has spent years adapting various Remote Jib Heads, squeezing the best out of what is sometimes, a very sorry piece of engineering.
Well there comes a point in anyone’s life when you decided that “enough is enough” and it is time to do the thing properly.
It’s all well and good saying that, but without the knowledge and years of experience of an engineering company versed in the terminology of motors, servos, lens drivers, etc., it would be like trying to re-invent the wheel.
That’s where Bradley Engineering enter the scene. Already a force to be reckoned with in the specialist remote head market, they make the perfect partner.
David Bradley, another BBC refugee, builds the widest range of remote heads available anywhere.
They are the turnkey solution, what with their ability to write the software, design the drive stage and build the finished product, it seemed foolish to look anywhere else.
This has resulted in a truly flexible system, more than up to the task in hand.
• You can change its width, length, add a second side, specify different gear ratios, or even add a Dutch movement.
• You want to mount a full size broadcast camera, with the ability to look straight down, no problem.
• You want to change to a smaller block style camera, or put your larger camera in a tight space and would like to have a narrower, shorter head, no problem.
• Carrying a heavier load, perhaps an Alexa with a large prime lens or a 3D rig, what you need is a second side to spread the load, no problem.
• Looking at changing Jib suppliers, or just not decided which one to choose, we will supply a mount to fit any Jib you can supply us details of, again no problem.
The brains of the system is the pan + tilt controller. This, as well as having dedicated function buttons, also has a menu driven side, allowing you change every aspect of the operation and response of the head.
Bradley Engineering

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