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Junger Audio Introduces Audio Processing Products At NAB 2011

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Dynamics processing specialist Junger Audio will be showing a number of new products at this year's NAB Convention in Las Vegas (Stand: C6742), including an updated version of its best-selling B46 LEVEL MAGIC digital dynamics processor and new software to enable broadcasters to log loudness levels.
The stand-along B46 processor is a professional non destructive normaliser that performs automated levelling of digital audio signals. The unit integrates LEVEL MAGIC, Junger Audio's adaptive loudness algorithm which is based on a Multi-Loop dynamic range control principle where slow changes (AGC), fast changes (Transient processing) and Look Ahead peak limiting are handled simultaneously, thus offering level management with exceptionally high audio quality and without coloration, pumping, breathing, distortion or modulation effects.
This easy to use unit remains one of Junger Audio's most popular products thanks to its exceptional audio quality and its 'set and forget' operation. Now the company has added a web interface that allows users to operate the unit remotely from a host computer. It also has a new front panel design and, of course, it is now compliant with all current loudness recommendations including ATSC, ITU and EBU R128.
Another key new innovation from Junger Audio is Loudness Logger, a powerful tool that offers customers of C8000 Junger Audio levelling processors an easy way to monitor the development of the loudness over time. This innovation is critical to all broadcasters who now need to show precisely how their audio levels are performing in order to comply with new legislation on Loudness. Using this new software, broadcasters can monitor in real time or by analysing previously stored loudness log files. The software, which is an MS Windows application, can be purchased from Junger Audio on a licence basis per PC and is protected by an USB dongle.
Junger Audio will also be showing its award-winning T*AP Audio Processor at this year's NAB. The device, which is primarily designed for TV playout facilities, provides Loudness control, Upmix and surround sound processing for up to eight channels of audio and if fully compliant with ATSC, ITU and EBU R128 loudness recommendations.
Peter Pors, Managing Director of Junger Audio, said: "When it comes to controlling audio loudness and ensuring that broadcast audio stays within the law, T*AP is the ideal solution for broadcasters. This latest addition to our product range fulfils the quality requirements set by major broadcasters around the world and allows them to maintain loudness consistency in a very easy and cost effective way. Having launched T*AP at last year's NAB show, has already been installed by broadcasters in Germany and the Netherlands, and will be covering big events like the next European Song Contest.
T*AP is a wide band 8 channel processor (8x1, 4x2 or 6+2) that focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using Junger Audio's renowned LEVEL MAGIC algorithm. With manual Parametric EQ and an extra compressor, new additional processing possibilities are now available. Using the unique and proprietary Spectral Signature technology it also offers dynamic equalisation so that the sound can be coloured much more easily than one can achieve with a traditional multi band sound processor. Optional Dolby Decoding and Encoding (D, D + or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided along with 5.1 Downmix and Junger Audio's 5.1 UPMIX circuit, which has been upgraded to deliver greatly improved performance and a range of new settings.
The new processor is capable of handling digital inputs (AES) and, through interface slots, all other usual audio formats including all SDI versions (SD, HD, 3G. It is controllable through front panel and Web based GUI, plus remote control, and GPI - and it comes with a redundant power supply as standard.
Alongside these new innovations, Junger Audio will show LEVEL MAGIC in a complete set-up that offers a fully integrated workflow solution for managing surround sound and Dolby coded 5.1 audio signals in production, ingest and playout. This includes 3G HD/SDI De-embedding/Embedding with VANC, Dolby Metadata management and/or generation.
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