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Sachtler's flowtech100 Tripod Used For 'Skid Row Marathon'
Sachtler's flowtech100 carbon-fibre tripod was a critical tool in the production of "Skid Row Marathon," an award-winning documentary from filmmakers Gabriele Hayes and Mark Hayes. "Skid Row Marathon" tells the inspiring story of Superior Court Judge Craig J. Mitchell and the people of the Skid ...
Equipment news
Tally Technologies Introduce TallyTec Pro
Tally Technologies has introduced the TallyTec Pro – a tally light and timecode transmission system designed for the professional live production market. The system continuously updates live and preview tally signals from a variety of vision mixers to wireless or wired TallyTec Pro receivers and ...
Equipment news
Zero Division Take To The Skies
Establishing a reliable link from the skies represented a considerable challenge for the experienced RF engineers at Zero Division. The Mission For this event, the production had a camera mounted in the cockpit of an aerobatic plane with a requirement to transmit the video to a large screen on ...
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1X Ikegami Ocp399 OCP RCP For SD / HD Camera Channels
1x Ikegami ocp399 OCP RCP for SD / HD camera channels Price is for 1x OCP399 only
Canon FPD-40 Remote Follow Focus
Contents Include: - Canon FPD-40 - HRS6 Cable
£200 Ex. Vat
Sony VCTFXA Shoulder Brace for HDRFX1, HDRFX7, HDRHC1, HVRZ1U, etc.
Sony VCTFXA Shoulder Brace for HDRFX1, HDRFX7, HDRHC1, HVRZ1U, etc. The VCT-FXA is a shoulder brace that allows a camcorder to comfortably sit on the shoulder of the operator. Used but in workin
£50 ex. VAT
SONY Genuine BSC-1 Setup Cards (Pack of 4)
Used for setting up cameras that we don't have any more. Cards are kept in the pouch/carry case it came in, this is kept in the cardboard box it came in so in great condition and well protected.
£10 ex. VAT
AG AR124NP Autoranging 4-Channel NP1 & Paglok Battery Charger
AG AR124NP Autoranging 4-Channel NP1 & Paglok Battery Charger (will also charge PAG Lok batteries with suitable connector). Suitable for Nicad and NMH Batteries. Good Condition
£55 (exc VAT)
Camera bags
Camera shoulder bag for Sony HVR-A1E
£63.62 + VAT
The Junior Rig is a versatile tool. It can be used for photo or video cameras. You can shoot video using the eye piece or an LCD monitor.