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Location, Location, Location (Permit)
Finding that perfect setting as a backdrop to your film can feel like the cherry on the cake – but take a breath before booking your permit. Location filming could impact both your insurance premium and your cover. Here's three things to consider for your next shoot: 1.
Four Things Every Creative Pro Should Consider For Production Insurance
Spotting a film crew in action can be exciting and intriguing for the general public. But behind the perceived glitz and glamour, experts in the broadcast industry know that managing a production through to transmission is just like any major project in any industry.
How Soon Is Now?
Deciding whether or not to invest in IP-based equipment for the move to UHD is neither a technological nor a financial decision, argues Paul Robson. It all comes down to people. The broadcast industry is moving to a new Ultra High Definition (UHD) world with IP at its core.

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