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About Movetech UK

Movetech UK, part of the British Turntable Group, offers a cost-effective rental service on turntables and revolving stages which is used extensively throughout the TV, film, exhibitions, events, retail display, museums and heritage sectors.

The service includes guidance from experienced rental division staff, who will advise on the right turntable or revolving stage for a specific application. They will also provide a bespoke solution when necessary as well as a full delivery, installation and on site support service to meet individual needs.

Movetech UK’s rental service is available on many standard turntable and revolving stage products ranging in size from 180 mm to 20 metres in diameter with capacities up to 48 tonnes.

Regular customers of the service include the BBC, ITV, Endemol, Talkback Thames and many well-known production companies. The main visual feature of the BBC’s children’s game show ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’ is a Movetech UK 3 metre diameter revolving stage which was built to order to incorporate stop/start facilities and variable speed settings. As the revolve is operated with children on it, safety and reliability are paramount.

As part of the British Turntable Group, Movetech UK has been developing and manufacturing rotary, vertical and linear movement solutions for a wide range of industries since 1959.

Products range from small retail and exhibition PoS and display turntable movement up to large revolves capable of carrying military tanks or aeroplanes; the company also incorporates Hovair air film technology and exclusive UK distribution rights for JUNG heavy duty lifting and moving equipment.

Movetech UK exports to more than 120 countries and is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008
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