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Hi, I'm Emma, an award-winning, full time British female voice over artist and UK voice actor.

My passion for storytelling began at school, where I completed Speech & Drama qualifications from Trinity College, London. This love of finding engaging ways to communicate to an audience continued with a BA (Hons.) from Bournemouth University and a career in radio followed, including taking on the role of News Editor at the BBC. I have also worked on the other side of the communications industry, heading up marketing teams across the NHS and other public sector organisations. Voice acting has always been a feature of my career, and I became a full time voice actor in 2021, later going on to win a One Voice Award. To keep my skills razor sharp, I continue to invest in professional development with some of the UK's most experienced voice actors.

Commercial voice over
Commercial covers a whole range of voice over styles, but all with the aim of converting viewers and listeners into buyers and clients.
With a background in commercial radio and TV, I know that time matters. Reading to time and delivering in as few takes as possible is part of my DNA. As a live news presenter, there are no second takes; while back-timing scripts to meet programme junctions is a skill that takes precision. It's a skill I still possess today, so you'll be working with someone who can not only deliver on time, but to time. ​

Medical narration
For over a decade, before launching as a full time voice over actor, I worked for the NHS and other UK health-related organisations leading teams of communications and marketing experts.

This in-depth experience of health-related storytelling has given me a wealth of knowledge and understanding of this unique, varied and sometimes complex sector, which I now bring to voicing medical explainers, narrating health-related e-learning courses and delivering patient information in an audio format.

Convert TV & radio audiences with a British Female Voice Over
There are so many reasons for choosing the right voice for your next TV or radio ad; of course, there's the obvious need to get information across in a clear and often very concise way. But it's about more than that; the right voice can add credibility, convey true emotion and connect with your potential customers in a very real and human way.

Corporate voiceover
We all know how much time and money companies invest in branding; your logo, your colour palette and your values and even how your employees behave matters. But how often do you think about how your business sounds to others?

Documentary & factual narration
Although my degree was officially titled BA Hons Multi-Media Journalism, at its heart was storytelling and the beginning of a career that centred on delivering stories with real, human emotion. This evolved into radio news and longer form factual documentaries, reliving contributor's histories or bringing impactful news into people's living rooms. This also enabled me to hone my production skills, blending sound effects, music, contributor clips and narration into audio packages.

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