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Flashing Blades Stunt and Combat team

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Flashing Blades Stunt and Combat team
Rick Manning
1 Clifton Street,

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Flashing Blades Training Group. Trains Actors to fight and perform stunts Safe & realistic.

We run actors workshops, One to One Training & Corporate events, team bonding & SPACT.
Instructor Rick Manning has over 27 years experience in the screen/stunt world, A true professional and recognised in the movie business and has a great reputation And a 100% Safety record. He has worked on some Big productions along side some big names in the Entertainment Industry. Rick is also available as a Stunt Coordinator for Film & Television And Historical Battle Advisor And has worked on a Number of Award winning Films. Rick has worked on several high profile productions as a performer and Coordinator. Braveheart, Gladiator, Rob Roy Merlin, Casualty, Hidden Among many others. Check out his IMDB. Rick Manning III Member of Equity. A Member of the SWS&CS.

For more information please feel free to Visit our Facebook page. Rick can Coordinate all your stunts from a basic fight right through to car stunts. Also as a fight Coordinator He can Coordinate real character based fights from unarmed combat right through to Full battles. As an historical warfare advisor Rick spent many years as a battle reenactor ranging from 1st Century Celts right through to Modern warfare. So has vast knowledge on these subjects. Rick can also Act as a safety advisor on set, Advising how to keep the actors and crew safe if the scene needs lets say an actor to smash up a room, He can advise on the safest way to film the scene from post production or direct on set. Flashing Blades as a team provide Team bonding training, As a team we can train your staff how to work as a team by using trust in your work colleague. Corporate events where we as a team can entertain you or clients by performing live fights or film stunts in a live setting as a film theme.


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