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Jude Poyer

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Delivering creative stunt, action and fight sequences to suit all budget levels, where producers get as much ‘bang for their buck’ as possible, but safety is never compromised.

Jude Poyer has worked professionally as a stuntman & actor for two decades. For eight years he was based in Hong Kong, where he worked with action film stars Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sammo Hung and Jean Claude Van Damme, as well as respected directors including Tsui Hark, Andrew Lau and Tarsem Singh.

Now based back in London, Jude works internationally, putting what he learned in the East to use in the West.

Jude is fully insured, and is a member of the Hong Kong Stuntmen's Association and British Actors' Equity.

Recent credits include SKY/HBO action series "Gangs of London", "A Private War" starring Rosamund Pike, several Indian films, and commercials for Asics Rugby.

Reel Power can coordinate and perform a variety of stunts and action sequences safely and dramatically: from falls, to fire bodyburns, and explosions. With experience in a whole range of productions, from big budget Hollywood movies through to modest independent films and music videos, Reel Power can help tell your story according to budget, without compromising safety.

With a good understanding of camera, editing and VFX, if needed we can help you design your action from prep through to post, ensuring that money spent ends up on the screen. If your project requires specialised skills (eg high altitude or sub aqua work), we can provide the right team for you, to ensure a safe, successful shoot.

Reel Power specialises in creative fight arranging - from stylised martial arts, through to brutal brawls and ambitious battle scenes. Whether you require Matrix style wire-assisted action, or a more realistic approach, we can deliver the goods.

Not only do we choreograph, we can also assist your production by training actors, rewriting action to suit your schedule/budget, and shooting and editing previsuals based on rehearsals. Recent productions include the Netflix original "Apostle", directed by Gareth Evans ("The Raid"), and the action movie "Final Score" starring Dave Bautista.

Wires and Ropes can be used to enhance the physical abilities of performers, to ensure the safety of those working at height, or to simulate breathtaking falls or jumps. With his Hong Kong background, Jude can design and execute all manner of wire action (often very simply, quickly and economically).

Besides Hong Kong-style "wire fu", wires can be utilised to enable and enhance stunts such as falls from horses, car hits and explosions.


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