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About 1st Take Action Drivers Ltd

1st-Take-Action-Drivers supply stunt performers specialising in automotive stunts for the TV, Live Action and Motion Picture industry as well as supplying training in automotive stunt work to industry professionals.

Formed by Stewert Lyddall and David Hornsey, 1st-Take brings a wealth of stunt-performing experience to deliver the shots you want.

We can supply drivers, riders and operators for car, bike and boat stunts as well as the traditional stunt performances, such as fight scenes and fire scenes.

We can also supply any cars, bikes or watercraft for your production.

Stunt Professional Training
1st-Take-Action-Drivers offers a stunt-driver training course. Our course is designed to give you the skills to perform on set to the highest level.

We run two courses, the Pro course and the Master course. The Master course focuses on a couple of specific activities and can only be attempted once the Pro course has been completed. The purpose of the Pro course is to show us where your natural skills and abilities lie so we can then focus on your weaker areas on the Master course.

Pro Course
The Pro course is a one-day course for up to 8 people where we take you through the basic skills required from a stunt driver. These skills are:
  • Driving to Mark
  • Drifting
  • J Turns
  • Handbrake Turns
  • Driving on 2 Wheels (Side Ski)

Location: Hampshire
Cost: £880/person.

Includes venue hire, vehicles and consumables; does not include food and refreshments.

Master Course
The Master course takes a couple of the elements from the Pro course and focuses on them to enable you to master the skill. As such, there are two separate Master courses you can take:

Master 1: Handbrake turns, J-turns and driving to mark. Using our front and rear-wheel drive training cars to master the art of handbrake turns at speed and into tight spaces and performing J-turns at speed in confined spaces. Also focusing on judging speed and accuracy to enable you to drive to mark consistently.

Master 2: Drifting and two-wheel driving. Our two-wheel driving training car has a frame mounted to the side, allowing you to pop the car up onto two wheels without the risk of tipping over. Our drift training starts in our purpose-built drift car and moves into a normal rear-wheel drive saloon. The chances of having a car built for drifting on set are slim, so you need to be able to master the skill in a normal car.

Location: Hampshire
Cost: £1,350 per person per course.

Includes venue hire, vehicles and consumables; does not include food and refreshments.

Each course is half-day long and is for four participants. If you wish to book both courses for the same day, we offer a discounted purchase of £2,400 for both courses on the same day.

Master Track
The Master Track driving course is a full day on a race circuit working on lines, positioning and weight management, to allow you to understand the fundamental dynamics of cars at speed. This can be done in your own car or we can supply a car for this.

Venue: Countrywide
Cost: £1,500 in a car you provide; £2750 in a car we provide.

Includes venue hire, vehicles and consumables (when we supply the car); does not include food and refreshments.

Once you have achieved a suitable standard at each of the activities, you will be added to our list of approved stunt drivers for that skill, where we would be happy to recommend you to a production to perform that activity.

To book any of the courses or for more information, please contact us.

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