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Reflash Camera Crane Equipment
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About Reflash Camera Crane Equipment

The ReFlash team is headed up by David and Andrew who come from a Product Design and Aerospace Engineering background. David is also an accomplished filmmaker and cinematographer – which is where the involvement in camera equipment started – “we can do this much better Andy!” said David. Luckily, Andrew agreed and together they set out to design and engineer the “World’s finest camera handling equipment”.

About ReFlash Camera
The ReFlash objective is to create tough, high quality and reliable camera handling equipment that’s simple to use at an affordable price. The core of our current product range are the CC1 Camera Crane, the EX1 Extension modules and the PX1 Pedestal unit.

Why Reflash?
  • The Pedestal can be setup to work in confined spaces or pass through internal doorways.
  • Single piece extension module bolts in, extra height with no loose parts and no fuss.
  • Designed and built in the UK.
  • CE marked for safety.
  • Switch between solid feet, lockable castors and track wheels.
  • Portable. Configurable. Dependable.
  • Tailored transport bags available.
  • Maintenance free Oilite bearings.
  • Switchable camera headplate for Overslung / Underslung modes.
  • IGUS polymer technology for silky smooth panning.
  • 25kg payload for the Camera Crane.

Our Products
A Flexible, Modular Camera Crane System.

CC1 Camera Crane
The Reflash CC1 Camera Crane, we’ve agonised over the design details in order to produce a piece of equipment that is robust, easy to use and flexible enough to cope if the owner wants to expand their capabilities at a later stage. Packed with features, from the sliding weight carriage to allow perfect balance with less counterweights to the Aluminium Alloy and Stainless Steel construction for high strength with light weight.

EX1 Extension Kit
The Reflash 1 piece EX1 extension modules are easily installed onto the standard CC1 crane extending the reach. Each extension kit can be installed in less than 2 minutes by one person with no loose parts like screws, nuts or bolts to lose or requirement for any tools. Simply installed by 1 person and shoot.

PX1 Pedestal System
The RedFlash PX1 is the perfect partner for the CC1 crane. The telescopic column allows you to set your crane or camera at the optimum height setting.

ReFlash offer a number of optional accessories to compliment the main equipment. Talk to us about transport bags for the kit, adaptors for different fluid heads and our forthcoming dolly and track system.

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