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020 7323 2210
Victoria Harvey
12 Stephen Mews,
W1T 1AH,

About Film Locker

Film Locker is a UK based independent technology company servicing the creative industries with carbon neutral digital-film data storage and archiving.

Our clients are advertising agencies, television & film production companies and brands. We are committed to protecting all shoot material and final masters to the highest standard and security protocols.

We hold Albert Sustainability Production Certification as well as the DPP 'Dedicated To Security' mark.

We secure and store your valuable production rushes and masters as shot at full resolution.

How it works:
  • You send your data to us on hard drives at the end of production. Our offices are in central London.
  • We log, verify and database your data, immediately creating multiple copies. A full database of your inventory is viewable online.
  • Data is backed up by twin redundancy, dual located LTO copies. We scrub and return your hard drives to you for re-use.
  • If you need the data back it can be retrieved within a day. It comes back to you on a hard drive ready to use.
  • We take any size of project and operate a flexible no tie in contract

Products / Services / Credits

  • Filmlocker
  • Storage
  • Archive
  • Backup
  • Storage Services
  • Film Locker
  • Data Back Up
  • Digital Storage
  • Solutions
  • Archiving
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Based
  • Digital Film Storage
  • Tape Storage
  • Masters Rushes Archive
  • Master Rushes Storage
  • LTO 4
  • LTO 5
  • LTO 6
  • LTO 7
  • LTO 8
  • Historical Archive


Name Role Email Telephone
Caroline Bingham Business development manager 020 7323 2210
Keiren O'Brien COO 020 7323 2210
Victoria Harvey Business & Sustainability Director 020 7323 2210

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