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About Break The Mould Creative

Based in South Wales, Break the Mould Creative was launched back in 2009. We saw a gap in the creative market for the use of Polyurea to hard coat and protect; props, sculptures and structures.

This came in direct competition of fiberglassing (GRP) and other traditional methods whereby it supersedes them in not only the finish but dramatically cuts down the time taken in the coating process.

Several years later we are proud to have completed many projects with the likes of John Lewis, Selfridges, Warner Brothers and ITV to name but a few.

Our clients' projects range from one-off bespoke designs to large volume projects. Customer service is paramount to us, having worked incredibly hard to build and maintain our reputation.

Our Work
We love to get involved with any sized projects from initial concept to the final design, whether it be just advice or getting hands on.

Why Polyurea?
For decades everybody used traditional coatings such as; paint, epoxy and fiberglass were used for these purposes:
  • Waterproofing
  • Decoration
  • Structural Enhancement

Not only does Polyurea out perform all of the above but it has some other amazing characteristics:
  • Fast Curing, 2-10 seconds
  • Applied to many surfaces – wood, foam, concrete, steel etc
  • Great for high impact
  • Any colour, any thickness
  • Class 1 UK fire rating
  • No VOCs or CFCs
  • Super fast application with a fast turnaround


Name Role Email Telephone
Christian Burke Office Manager / Communications Officer 01269 825 507
Steven Mathews Technical Director 07974774006

Company News

Cardiff Film Festival a Success

The Cardiff Film Festival opened for the first time over the weekend (28-29th Oct 2017), and was deemed a great success and brought a lot of smiles in Cardiff Bay. We at Break the Mould saw this as a fantastic opportunity to support a new Festival based in Wales, and we also agreed to wave our usually costs to help even further.
We produced some large statues in a very short time period and without our collaborated support the Festival may not have had the attention it did. Our Statues drew the attention of many, we must say it was a pleasure to see the public take photos and enjoying the atmosphere.
The festival brought many movie makers and some brilliant productions. Our stand was also a feature of our work and was inside with the Film Screenings at the Pier head Building. We got lots of attentions as our stand had some great features (please see our images on our profile Break the Mould), and was the perfect way to showcase what we are capable of.
The best film Feature was WILD GOOSE LODGE another great example of British filmmaking and gives the viewers a great glimpse into Irish history with this true story. They were given their award on Sunday evening where all the awards were presented by JOHN ALTMAN (EastEnders Nasty Nick) and RUTH WIGNALL (ITV Weather). It was a brilliant end to a great weekend.
We loved being a part of this and giving something back to Welsh Tourism and the Welsh/British Film Industry, we really hope to be a part of it next year.
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