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About Big Yellow Feet Drone Filming

Big Yellow Feet offer aerial filming and drone photography as a service, using a radio-controlled remote-piloted drone.

We currently use a DJI Phantom, Professional quadcopter for our drone filming. It is a versatile aircraft; small enough to be easily portable and advanced enough to produce very high quality video images using a Sony 4K camera. Another plus is that the aircraft weighs less than 7kg, meaning that it is able to operate in certain UK airspace that larger drone systems cannot.

The camera can also do high quality still photography, which is great for creating backgrounds for overlaying with text and graphics in your video.

Our drone operators are all fully-trained and hold UAQs (Unmanned Aerial Qualifications).

We provide our aerial filming services across a wide range of industries for a variety of corporate video clients, everything from property development, company head offices to tourism related videos and much more.

Our aerial and drone filming can you give you and your audience a captivating view on your business, event or project. We film everywhere in the UK and abroad and can capture the atmosphere from an entirely different perspective.

So if you want to show the stunning coast-line of your holiday park, the thriving hustle and bustle of your business premises, or the striking features of a property we can capture anything you need from above as well as close range.


Company News

Popularity of Drone Filming Soars

Drone filming (or aerial filming) is quite literally soaring in popularity across the world. And why wouldn’t it! It’s a relatively simple solution to getting stunning imagery from a birds eye view. Whether you’re filming landscapes or historical structures, building surveys to property showcases drones can capture it all. Not only are they versatile and portable but they also produce very high quality video and still images.
Qualified Pilot

But it’s not enough to just buy and fly a drone you need an expert pilot to operate one of these flying robots. So if you are looking to use aerial filming for a video project we have you covered as our drone operators are all fully-trained and hold a UAQ (Unmanned Aerial Qualification).
4K Camera

We use a DJI Phantom, Professional drone for our aerial, drone filming with a Sony 4K camera so you can be safe in the knowledge we will be capturing those stunning views in the highest quality. And not only that our fully trained operators are not just flight enthusiasts they also have years of filming experience.

Want to know more? Here’s just little snippet of some of our recent drone footage taken over the sunny coast of Scotland

If you have a video project that you are considering using aerial drone filming for, give us a call for a no obligation quote and proposal.
Large Scale Video Projects – Big Productions

Production Professionals
Some productions are going to require extra members team members; makeup, costume and production designers, to name a few. When required we add to our in-house production team using freelance creatives. All of the freelance talent we use are dedicated, experienced professionals, with a long working relationship with us, so there are never any surprises.

There are a lot of misconceptions around what some of these disciplines actually do. Take makeup. Yes, they put makeup on people, boys as well as girls, but as well as making your featured person look good and stopping them from looking sweaty or shiny, they also offer a level of continuity across a production, making sure people look the same throughout an entire production day. They can also be a great tool for reassuring that CEO or important VIP; settling nerves and offering a level of reassurance that can be invaluable.

We understand what every production team member will bring to your film. We also understand the subtleties they will bring to the working relationship between cast and crew and this is often unique for any specific job.

Sourcing Locations
A great location can make a video. Video is a visual medium, and making sure your featured people are in a suitable location to match the video’s message is really important. Whether it’s a film studio or a specific type of actual location, from a coffee shop to a kitchen, we can find the perfect one.

Project Managing Big Productions
Project management is vital for producing larger scale, big productions. Whether it is in pre-production, ensuring everything is in place for the shoot, or that scripts have been approved by Clearcast (if required). The organisation on the ground is of course paramount, ensuring that the shoot days run like clockwork, making sure that your brief is fulfilled in post-production, or that the tone of the voiceover is exactly what you want. With Big Yellow Feet you can rest assured that our professional project management skill will ensure the delivery of a successful project, on time and on budget.

Action Stations!
If you are ready for that next step and are seriously considering that next level of production and creativity, or if you’re looking for help guiding your next production from its genesis through to final delivery, with just the right balance of organisational flair and ingenious creativity, drop us an email or give us a call.
SME National Business Awards 2017

At Big Yellow Feet we are extremely excited to announce that we have been chosen as finalists for the 2017 SME National Business Awards.

Having been winners of the Surrey SME awards in previous years we are delighted to now be up for a NATIONAL Award. This time around we will be vying for the ‘Best Employer of the Year’ Award. Here at Big Yellow Feet we strive to be a fair and open employer, so we are particularly delighted to be nominated for this award.

Business awards are a much sought after accolade of achievement, a prestigious endorsement of success in business. The last few years has seen us nominated for, and winning, a number of business awards for which we are always extremely grateful.

The SME National Business Awards are open to all successful businesses across the UK so the competition will be fierce. But, we are already looking forward to the pinnacle of the awards, the Grand Celebration: a black tie evening at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London on the 1st December where we will be donning our glad rags once again and going for Gold!

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