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The aerial filming section of this website contains news, guidance and contact details for Aerial Filming companies. With the recent advent of UAV and drone filming things are changing all the time and it is vital to keep up to date with breaking news. The capabilities offered by the new aircraft are truly a game changer in terms of the shots achievable and flexibility for aerial camera work. Like any new industry regulation and safety is important particularly in the use of UAVs and Drones for filming we are glad that ARPAS and SUAS are contributing to the site giving their excellent professional guidance.
As well as all the excitement about the new aircraft in the sector, helicopter cameramen and helicopter filming are still and always will be a major part of the film and broadcast industry our news will reflect this as will the companies we profile, we also aim to cover the less traditional methods of aerial filming such as Balloon based filming and static crane based shooting. We hope you enjoy this page and it becomes an aerial filming guide for broadcast professionals.
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Helicopter Film Services Launches The 'TITAN': An Ultra-Heavy Lifting Drone  Europe's leading aerial filming company, Helicopter Filming Services, has launched the TITAN Ultra-heavy lift drone which incorporates a large, capable airframe paired with the ARRI SRH-3 for the first time.

The ARRI SRH-3 stabilised head enables easy integration of existing ARRI lens motors and other functionality directly with the ARRI ALEXA 65 and LF cameras.Read More >>

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So You Want To Fly Your Drone Next To The Airport?
Introduction We would all love to be able to fly our drones anywhere and when we want, however these days things are not that simple, especially in an airport zone. Restrictions are in place for obvious legal and safety reasons. These must be complied with or risk a serious penalty from the authorities.
Record Year Of Aerial Filming For Helicopter Film Services
Europe's leading aerial filming business, Helicopter Film Services, has experienced a record year of aerial filming, touching down in 20 countries over four continents to capture stunning sequences for the major studios, as well as smaller production companies and television. "Looking back, it's been an extraordinary year.
Getting In A Lava About Drones
Volcanoes are to be found all over the world in their extinct, dormant and active forms. This one (pictured above) last erupted in 1888 and is dormant with the exception of the fumaroles (the sulphurous steam vents that smell like rotten eggs). This is Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands just off the north coast of Sicily, Italy.
Extreme Facilities – Benefits Of Working With Drones
From 2012 we have seen an overwhelmingly serge of professional activity ranging through all forms of production from Motorsport to Architecture, Commercials and Features. Recently the ease with which aerial footage can be achieved is a great leap from the early days (almost yesterday) when more time was spent with a soldering iron than outdoors perfecting techniques and experimenting with shots.
Fear and Droning...
There are certain inalienable truths when it comes to human nature and irrational fear. The unshakable worry that JAWS is still out there any time we dip so much as a toe in the sea. The intrinsic belief that the machines could one day take over. That technology will turn on us. SIRI will start playing mind games and Alexa will be telling us what to do.
Introducing The Revolutionary Mini Eclipse
The long awaited and eagerly anticipated arrival of the new, state-of-the-art, mini Eclipse has finally happened. Wholly owned by Marzano Films and based in the UK at the Cinemoves Europe facility – Pinewood Studios, the system has already been busy.
Europe's Helicopter Film Services Launches The Typhon 6 Array
The Typhon 6 Camera Array combines six ARRI ALEXA Minis to push the boundaries of what's possible for Visual Effects Departments. Amid a burgeoning visual special effects industry that continues to contribute markedly to the UK's key creative sector in a post Brexit economy, Europe's leading aerial filming business, Helicopter Filming Services, (HFS) launches a new camera array.
Staying On The Right Side Of Drone Laws
Carys Kaiser is a drone operator who has been in the TV industry for 12 years, and is a shooting PD and camera operator.
Live Video Streaming From Drones
Drones provide a mechanism for streaming compelling video that other methods cannot compete with, either from an infrastructure or cost prospective.
360 Design Announce Flying EYE
360 Designs has announced the launch of Flying EYE, a groundbreaking, 6K, broadcast quality, live streaming VR drone. According to the company the announcement follows "a year of secret development" and represents the first broadcast quality live streaming 360 platform in the world. The company said: "For live VR / 360 video, resolution is particularly important.
Festival Recognition For Shetland My Land, My Home
Article contributed by Thomas Haywood, from Thomas Haywood Aerial Photography. Recently, I entered Shetland My Land, My Home into several film festivals and have been getting some kudos for it too. The film came about because I am a member and volunteer leader for Outdoorlads ( and they were doing an event up in Shetland.
Drone Use In Construction Industry - Part 2
In the second of a two-part report into drones and construction Jim Meehan, aerial imaging specialist at SkyHeld Cameras, rounds up the reasons that drone technology has not been widely adopted in construction.
Drone Use In Construction Industry - Part 1
In the first of a two-part report into drones and construction, Jim Meehan, an aerial imaging specialist at SkyHeld Cameras, asks if data quality or safety issues are hampering the adoption of drone technology. Construction projects depend on timely, accurate information and BIM facilitates fast information exchange between partners, aiding workflow and reducing delays and errors.
GoPro Karma Now Available In The UK 

GoPro have announced that it's complete Karma system is now available at selected online and high street retailers. Karma features a compact design and includes an image-stabilisation grip that can be handheld or mounted to vehicles, gear and more, making it easy for anyone to capture smooth, stabilised video during almost any activity.