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Compact High Speed Camera Systems, for both instant action replays and studio/ location imaging, and High Intensity LED Lighting

IDT Inc. designs and manufactures high quality, rugged, compact high speed cameras, which produce very clean images. They are amazingly compact. All use bespoke CMOS sensors, designed by IDT.

New for 2019 is the MiniHD, a compact camera capable of recording at up to 1,300fps at HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), and replaying instantly, supplying a high quality slomo action replay for any sports event. A 4K version is being launched shortly.

The O-10 4K high speed camera is a portable, fully featured, UHD camera capable of recording at over 1000fps, or continuous recording at up to 130 fps. It uses removable non-volatile memory (SSD) for image storage to ensure maximum flexibility, fastest workflow and ease of use.

In addition to being an extremely compact and rugged 4K high speed camera, the choice of lens mounts and variety of battery options ensure the O-10 is the most versatile 4K high speed camera for media, TV and entertainment, even in the most demanding of environments.

Currently available for rental or purchase directly from IDT, the O-10 is suited for use where a small camera is needed, for example on a Polecam, drone, zipwire, steadicam etc.


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  • HD Mini. A tiny camera, allowing instant replay of fast events, like sports, and control from a standard RCP. Up to 1300fps. 50p, 50i output etc
  • HFR Wizard. Sustained recording at up to 480fps at UHD, Control by RCP/ EVS for action replays for OB Sports events.
  • O-10 4K High Speed Camera. Records at over 1000fps, or continuously at 130fps. Global shutter. Removable SSD.
  • LED Light. Constellation 120E. 120W power output giving 13,200 lm light output and very compact. 15 or 28 deg beam angle


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Company News

Ultra-Slomo Instant Replay... 480fps at 4K: 1740fps at HD

The HFR Motion Wizard is a compact, fibre optical, remote camera head and processor/ recorder system. It is designed to deliver simultaneous LIVE and SLOW MOTION video streams while recording and storing high frame rate image data. Due to its compact size, the camera head can be mounted and placed in areas that have not been accessible using other slow motion cameras.

The ability to deliver continuous and uninterrupted LIVE and SLOW MOTION streams make the camera recorder system especially suited to participate with other cameras in broadcast networks. It also integrates seamlessly with industry standard video servers. Key features of the compact camera head include positive locking lens mount with optional lens control of focus, iris and zoom.

The Wizard system is configured with one of two camera heads: The HFR 4K camera head delivers 4K images at up to 480fps and the HFR HD head is capable of delivering up to 1740 1080p images per second. The digital stream is recorded and processed in real-time producing outstanding images via the dual 12G SDI interface. These recorded image clips are transferred over 10G Ethernet to (eg) browser servers.

In spite of its extreme compact size and high frame rate, the HFR Wizard camera includes multi synchronisation capabilities as well as its industry standard paint controls, thus matching the performance of the other larger cameras in a production environment.

Contact IDT for more information or to arrange a demonstration of this revolutionary new system. - 01462 621124 –
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