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ADRenaline Dub & Post is a dubbing facility in London specialising in precision Theatrical Dubbing.

Since opening our doors we have dubbed dozens of feature films, television series' and cartoons alongside several hundred television documentaries.

And, as London is also Europe's sixth largest city by population with a large acting community resident here, alongside English, we also specialise in French dubbing. You'll find that we provide a super accurate sync at a fraction of the cost of the Paris studios.

ADRenaline can take care of everything, right from the translation of your original script, through to Adaptation, Casting and Recording.

Plus we also have the facility to mix the audio, layback to picture and output mastered audio/video to the latest R128 international broadcast standards.

Depending on your requirements, we can even create frame accurate subtitles from the actual final version of the script used in our recording studios, ensuring what is said onscreen is what is written on-screen.

So, if you’re looking for a frame-accurate sync, the best actors, a speedy turnaround and (we think) the friendliest bunch of people you’re going to meet, then you’ve found it all at ADRenaline Dub & Post.


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