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About Urban Paws Agency

Urban Paws Agency is an Animal Actors Agency, supplying trained animals to meet the growing demands of the industry. We supply clients with trained animals to feature in press publications, photography, marketing or film/TV projects that come to us with very specific requirements in terms of breed standards, looks, personality and character – & we’re able to deliver just what they need! Urban Paws UK also specialises in social media pet influencers!

Please let us know if you have any specific requirements. We will happily help you choose an animal that suits your project, and many of our animals have different skills/tricks & commands. If you don't see an animal that meets your needs, please contact us & we will be happy to find one for you. We have good sources of registered dog breeders across the UK as well as a good range of different breed standard dogs to choose from. Urban Paws Agency offers agents & producers trained animals suitable for any kind of role, in that the animals are human friendly, well trained, obedient, follow commands well & most importantly are open to learning.

At Urban Paws Agency we believe in the animal’s welfare being put first, so kind & fair treatment with efficient animal handling, working with the owners & clients to achieve the results you need. We pride ourselves in having a selection of well loved pets of every size, breed and look for any given role. Give us as much information as possible, including assignment details, budget & the specific breed or the specific look required. Remember, the more information we have about the type of modelling work to be undertaken & animal/s required, the quicker we can help meet your requirements.

Urban Paws Agency supply clients with trained animals to feature in press publications, photography, marketing, film and television productions.

Urban Paws Agency also specialises in social media pet influencers.

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Name Role Email Telephone
Info Influencers 0161 808 1667
Joanne Gordon Head Booker 07398699104
Layla Flaherty Director 07932617129


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Our recent survey with 3,000 UK cat and dog owners shows that over a quarter of UK pet owners (27%) have set up social media pages dedicated to their pets, and of those 801 that set up those pages, a quarter did so in the hopes that their furry friends would become a pet influencer.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a ‘pet influencer’ is someone’s pet that has an account with a large following on a social media platform. With video and photos of the pet, and sometimes the owner, pet influencers bring in tens of thousands of likes with every post, and are some of the most popular accounts on social media.

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Former model and reality TV star Layla Flaherty has switched the celebrity spotlight to her four-legged clients, running one of the UK’s most in-demand animal agencies.

Five years ago, fed up of the fake party lifestyle, the former Desperate Scousewives star decided to combine the three things she knew and loved best – modelling, TV and animals – to launch her own business.

Today, her Urban Paws UK venture operates from Manchester and London, as well as a Liverpool studio, and is the go-to animal agency for luxury brands and leading high street names wanting to add anything from cats to camels to their campaigns.

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