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As I started my career as a booker at IMG models in 1980, and at present still casting, I have spent my entrie working career of 36 years working within an indsutry that I am passionate about. The fact that my stepson, Tyrone Lebon, is shooting every major fashion print campaign on the planet, whilst my son (Frank Leon) aged only just 23 is shooting moving image for everyone, from Stussy to Calvin Klein, only adds to the fact that this is not so much an industry in which I work, as it is a way of life.

Never having actually worked for a Casting Director myself, I still have absolutely no idea what I'm meant to do exactly - but it seems to have worked, so far!

After having initiated ‘Street-Casting’ as a legitimate casting format 22 years ago, I have great pleasure in introducing you to ‘Authentic Casting’.....

Aimed specifically at the film and television industries, Authentic-Casting provides a production with ‘the real thing’ in terms of walk-ons, back-ground artists, featured extras and occasionally extras. As this implies I will find you a genuine collection of whatever sort of people the scene requires... As an example: if a scene is set in a hospital with ‘authentic casting’ the talent will arrive dressed in their own uniform (unless instructed otherwise), with their own genuine ‘medical tools’ PLUS an accurate working knowledge of hospitals (including terminology).

* My office will prep all (authentic) cast on wardrobe, along with any hair & make-up requirements. This is all part of the authentic casting service, meaning that production will not be billed the usual supplementary fee of between £19-£30 per person (for talent to bring their own specialist wardrobe).
* They will arrive camera-ready (hair & m/up); meaning neither wardrobe nor hair/make-up dailies will be needed for them.

A few ‘Authentic Castings’ we have provided include:
Genuine ‘Teddy Boys’ - Levis. We found truly genuine Teddy Boys & Girls (aged between 10-60 years old). We cast 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation TEDS; they all arrived w/original fifties Drape jackets, ‘Slim Jim’ ties, drainpipes and creepers!
Fashion industry/celebrity A-list party scene in Ab Fab (movie) - Guests included well-known models, designers, performance artists, singers, actors, ‘IT’ girls & boys (all arrived looking immaculate - dressed & made-up for 8am call)
Drag Queens scene (over 200!!) Ab Fab (movie) - they had all put SO MUCH effort into their hair, make-up & wardrobe to arrive looking INCREDIBLE for 6am call.
Fashionistas scene (front 3 rows of a fashion show) Ab Fab - I filled the front row with British Vogue’s Fashion Director, the editor in Chief of GQ, a famous British Hip Hop artist, pop stars, celebrity bloggers & a couple of well known actors. The 2nd row included the ENTIRE fashion department of British Vogue, editors from all the other Conde Nast publications, journalists, authors & the 3rd row was authentically filled with St Martin’s students, fashion buyers, PRs and agents.
Strippers/pole dancers - American Apparel - We cast most of the girls from LA’s ‘Jumbos Clown Room’ (strip club) for a fashion film for American Apparel

Alison Owen (Producer Shaun of the Dead, Suffragettes, Elizabeth): ‘It sounds v good idea! Will def bear in mind for next production. Kind of brilliant actually!’
Gemma Nunn (2nd AD Peaky Blinders, Ab Fab movie): ‘I think it's brilliant! Such a great idea. Directors eat this stuff up! Everyone wants the real thing, and you certainly deliver that, you are invaluable to us 2nds!

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