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About Sports Castings

Sports Casting Agency for World Wide Filming
Sports Casting was established by Chris Snode, Olympic World Diving Champion and TV Commentator. Sports casting service for sports and sports related commercials or films and shows for Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Photographers, both in Europe and America. We cast in studios or can cast at a sports location where you can see the athlete perform, ensuring you can choose the right athlete for your project. When casting at locations we provide camera shots, assistants, and sports coordination to ensure your casting runs as smoothly as possible.

We also specialise sourcing sports locations such as football stadiums, rugby pitches, athletics stadiums, diving pools, gymnasiums and skate parks all over the UK. We can easily supply specialist sports equipment needed such as trampolines and mats. We can also supply qualified and experienced sports coaches, on-set coordinators and even referees to ensure your casting and shoot take place without any problems.

Sports casting experience is extensive, with our artistes regularly appearing in Commercials, Film and Photographic Advertisements.

Sports Models - Thousands of models, including specialists for Body Parts, Stunts and Tricks.
Body Doubles - Sporting look-a-likes and stand-ins for the real thing.
Action Castings - Adults, Children, Babies, Mature Models, Dancers, Stunt Extras, Crowds.
Equipment Hire - Trampolines, Safety Mats, Boxing rings etc.
Sports Locations - We have Stadium.
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