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Richard Pinches - Aerial Cameraman

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Richard Pinches - Aerial Cameraman
Richard Pinches
Meadows Farm Studios,
Reading UK,

About Richard Pinches - Aerial Cameraman

Richard has always been artistic but swopped pencil and paper for camera and film when he studied photography at art college. With 30 years experience in advertising photography, shooting for major global brands like BMW, Bosch, British Airways, Dell, Rolls Royce, Sony, Vodafone and Xerox, you will have seen his photography in car magazines, glossy magazines, posters, billboards, buses, and the internet.

Lighting is Richard's forte, both natural and dramatic and, given creative freedom, his tendency is classic 'film noir', shooting with highly defined lighting and alternative camera angles to add interest. Working from his own large studio in Henley-on-Thames, he now has a superb team of digital creatives that collaborate to produce stunning creative work.

Richard has now extended his skill set to include video and film making, shooting on Canon 5D MKIIs mainly but also hiring the Canon C300, Phantoms and Red cameras were necessary

"There is a certain energy that arises from the combined efforts of a creative team all striving to make their project stand out. It is a passion that lifts you high and pushes you through the adversities faced during the process."

These are some kind words said by clients.

‘Richard's talent for lighting and composition together with his attention to detail means he’s our number one choice for challenging shoots. His tireless energy means he spends as much care over the last shot as he did the first.’

Peter Wilkinson
Creative Director
Milestone Strategic Design Ltd

'Richard's eye for detail coupled with his vast photography experience has helped us to enhance our visual presence, most especially in respect of both food and clothing photography. His enthusiasm is such that we are always assured of a great customer experience whenever he has been assigned a project with Herbalife.'

Sanjay Chalisey
EMEA Creative Services Manager
Herbalife UK Limited

'Working with a Richard is true delight, he clearly relishes his job and it shows in his enthusiasm. Always the consummate professional, working fast but with an unwavering eye for detail and searching for new and better angles.'

Paul Griffiths
Creative director
Bang the Drum