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Clockwork Scenery
07766 395 249
George Orange
Building 76,
Whitehill Bordon Enterprise Park,
Budds Lane,
GU35 0FJ

About Clockwork Scenery

Clockwork Scenery creates predominately hand crafted scenery for a variety of clients, from theatres to exhibitions, TV to film.

Whether it is small prop, a studio show or a high quality touring set, we’re happy to look at any job, they’re all interesting to us - big, or small. Working with the county's top quality specialist suppliers and industry specific professionals we provide a top quality service.

Clockwork Scenery was born from a passion for all things scenery, it extends through steel fabrication to paneled timber flattage to fully automated scenic elements and everything in between.

As scenery and large prop builders we are flexible enough to work in a variety of mediums, (wood metal, fibre glass, poly, foams, plastics and fabrics- to think of a few) and can react to the designers requests with ease, ensuring the delivered set ‘works’ for all concerned.

Clockwork Scenery believes in traditional scenery building techniques, mixing timber and steel construction methods to find the right balance between strength, weight and cost, especially where flying and automation are concerned.

As well as providing all the above...and more! We are often asked to sub contract for other scenery firms whether it be to relieve some of the pressure on time and space or that they don’t have any metalwork capabilities - let us know if we can help.

Please feel free to browse the portfolio of our work and services we offer and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


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