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About The Business Video Company

The Business Video Company is a team of professional and creative individuals dedicated to helping our valued clients to communicate their message through effective Video productions. We work closely with our clients to get to know their business, using our marketing and creative skills; we produce a Video production presenting your business capturing your most important UNIQUE Selling Points.

Our Services Include

Corporate Video Productions
We provide much more than a Corporate Video production, from our research and detailed storyboard to professional presenters, background artists and Video footage to our 10 point effective marketing plan.

Training Videos
Whether you require Health and Safety training videos or an Instructional video, Staff motivating videos or an Awareness Video production we can help to customise a perfect production for your company.

Promotional Sales Presentations
Our professional presenters can demonstrate and present your product or services in a clear, persuasive and exciting way, prompting your potential client to call your company. Always giving a perfect presentation every-time, always presenting your USPs and reasons to buy now!

Viral Videos
The Business Video Company’s experienced team can create a video which is designed to be funny, interesting, different, catching the imagination and encouraging this story to be passed on to friends, colleagues increasing the awareness of a product or service leading to more sales.

Video Blogs/Podcasts
Call the Business Video Company and find out how we can help you with a Video podcast, from a simple discussion, presenting your services to a friend or colleague and sending it out over the internet. We can show you how to build up your audience and start getting an income on-line.

Small Business Video
The Business Video Company can help new businesses to improve their image and get their product or service out to a wider audience with our Video website call us for details and improve your image and sales at the same time.

Interview Videos
We can provide our professional Camera Crew, Autocue, lighting and experience to any location and edit the footage for a professional production.

Audio Productions
We can provide scriptwriting, professional voice overs, Music, and translations for any language and in any format.

Working together with our valued clients, at the Business Video Company we plan and manage our video projects professionally keeping to budget and on time.


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