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About Clear Blue Productions

Seeking corporate video production for your company?
Clear Blue Productions is a web video production company. We produce webcasts, film training videos, company promotional films, interviews for web streaming and provide crews for event filming.

In fact we produce any type of corporate video production that businesses could possibly need. We don’t just work for large multi-nationals, much of our business involves budgets for as little as a £1000. Check out our blog for what’s new in corporate video production and what we like.

picOur work
We work across a broad range of project from producing webcasts, corporate videos, case studies and event filming. We also have examples of work we haven’t got the space to show on our site so if you don’t see anything relevant to you please call.


Corporate video production
With fifteen years experience in broadcast TV and corporate video production we can honestly say we can cover every business video production need whether it’s a sales promotional film, filming an event, testimonials, an internal communication film or a training video. Whether you want these streamed on the web or webcast we can do it. We work for large multi-nationals and small businesses. Clear Blue provide the creative support, filming, editing, motion graphics and delivery whilst keeping you involved throughout.

The most cost effective way of promoting your business or informing your colleagues of changes in the your business is to shoot simple testimonials. Written testimonials are all very well but there’s nothing like seeing a real customer sing your praises to help secure that sale. They can be shot in a day and quickly edited for less than £3500. If you are thinking of dipping your toe into a marketing film for your business we couldn’t recommend this more! You can then stream the video on your website, encode it for a salesman to use in a presentation or stream it on youtube.

Webcasting an event whether it’s live or recorded has never been easier. This is one industry that has moved on quite considerably. It has significantly dropped in price over the past 33 months and we could supply a one-stop-shop for as little as £3000 which would include creating the website video area to stream it to and hosting. The code for creating this to play on your own website is as simple as copy and pasting it into your own web design code.

Camera crews
We supply the BBC and international news operations with camera crews – these operators are all very experienced whilst many of them can edit on site if need be.

We produce motion graphics not just for corporate videos but also for event presentations, sales presentations, powerpoint and TV ads. Take a look at our showreel to get an overview of the motion graphics we’ve been producing over the years.

Web TV
Producing a 30 minute company web TV programme is a very effective way of discussing issues in your industry and showing your clients case studies and solutions in solving their problems. Produce these on a regular basis and your site becomes a go to place for your industry to find out whats new out these and who’s leading the way...which will be your company!

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