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01332 265800
Steve Bentley
Unit 10,
Derwent Business Centre Clarke Street,
DE1 2BU,

About Bloc Digital

Award winning digital media studio offering 3D modelling, animation, interactive, web & app development.

Bloc Digital specialise in the creation and re-use of 3D modelled information, encompassing both sales & support; giving the most effective solution in shared cost.

3D MODELLING, reusable assets: These can be created from pre-generated CAD data, photographic media, hand drawn sketches, even the real thing! If none of these are available our experienced digital artists can help develop your initial concept from scratch.

ANIMATION, the moving image: Motion can be used to communicate messages, feelings and attitudes. Our team can take client concepts in a variety of forms and utilise their extensive experience to create your perfect animated solution.

INTERACTIVE, augmented/virtual reality (AR & VR): Engaging applications that adapt and interact with motion, gesture, environment, image & objects. When embarking on your new project we will ensure an appropriate use of technology is employed.

DEVELOPMENT, web & app: Utilising industry standard technologies for shared platform deployment; across web, mobile & desktop. Our programmers will build intelligent, scalable solutions to suit your business needs.

Photo-Realistic Rendering | Architectural Visualisations | Character Design & Development Animation | Infomercials | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | CGI & Visual FX (VFX) | Post Production


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