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SPECIALIST STOCK is part of a new generation of stock libraries. It serves as an umbrella over a comprehensive collection of specialist photo and stock footage libraries highlighting the environment, green issues and wildlife. As each new specialist collection comes onboard we ensure we have the staff and the resources to support the material with specialist knowledge. As a result all our staff have between 8 and 20 years experience in their area of expertise.

We are broadening OUR SERVICES in two ways. We are uploading some key archives from international NGOs who have not otherwise been able to make them available on-line: these include Christian Aid, Save our Seas and Greenpeace. We have also established agreements with a number of specialist collections as well as stock agencies and production companies around the world. This allows us to seamlessly expand a sale, on the back of our specialist content, to include most of the customers’ needs. We can offer a bulk discount no matter how many sources we have used.

OUR WEB PLATFORM has been upgraded substantially to make it easier to search and view large amounts of content simply by mousing over the thumbnail as well as downloading low res QuickTime files. We also offer a comprehensive research facility for in-depth feedback on requests along with notes from specialist sources in our world-wide network.

THE PREDOMINANT THEME under the Specialist Stock umbrella is the environment. So we strive to be a world leader in fresh new perspectives on the environment. We are launching a tightly edited Green Collection in the summer of 2010, to offer customers one of the most complete collections on this wide-ranging subject. We are always looking for new and exciting collections with a contemporary feel particularly highlighting environmental problems and their solutions.

OUR HIGH RES ARCHIVE IS ALL DIGITAL for footage clips (currently) and still images, making high res delivery possibly immediately.

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