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About MrFootage Stock

MrFootage was founded by Johan Sundberg and Adrian Johnson coming to the footage industry from two different directions. Johan brings hands on experience in footage distribution on digital platforms and Adrian brings extensive database and digital video know how.

MrFootage's idea is to provide footage spot on the creative film makers expectations. Using emerging technologies, we are commited to increase search and playout efficiency by using state of the art technology.

Stock Footage
Film and video stock footage shot on 35mm, 16mm, HDTV & Beta by award winning cameramen.

Online Video
Over 1000 hours of stock footage available for online video preview and download.


  • System
    Derived from our footage sales operations we have developed an online system to support sales and resource management. Our clients are footage resources and archives looking to use the internet to service their clients.

    We specialise in providing them with PC based video streaming solutions for allowing clients and their archives to use the internet to grow their business. Tools deployed include network based content management, back office connectivity, hosted servers, video archiving and encoding.

  • How to License Technology
    Should you be interested in this technology then please contact us by phone, +49 (0)8151 555 0551 or send an email to and we will provide you with a custom made solution tailored to your needs.

  • Soccer & Football Footage

  • Cities & Locations Footage

  • Marine Footage

  • War & Disaster Footage

  • People & Family Footage

  • Aerial Footage

  • Medicine & Health Footage

  • Business and Finance footage
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