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About Book Me Direct

Welcome to, we are now LIVE!!

We are a new social media networking site for the Entertainment industry and an online directory of talent and Entertainment professionals worldwide.

BookMeDirect.Com is unique in its position as a dedicated service for individuals and businesses working and serving the entertainment industry. Book Me Direct enables users to promote themselves and their businesses, network, communicate, advertise and apply for jobs as well as booking services direct.

The Book Me Direct Talent and Industry directories, enables members to create personal and business profiles with the capabilities to:
  • Upload Photos
  • Show reels & Casting Videos
  • Add Relevant experience‚Äôs & Personal details
  • Network with other Entertainment Professionals
  • Apply for & place Jobs/Casting calls

BookMeDirect.Com is not an agency, we are a new social media networking site which enables entertainment Professionals to network with other entertainment professionals and help with the progression of ones career or promote ones business.

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