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About Space Dust Films Corporate Video Newcastle

Spacedust Films are commercial videographers based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We have over 10 years experience in advertising and architectural videography and our clients range from international Blue Chip companies to local

Spacedust Films is a 'refreshingly different' video production agency for the 21st century - creating high quality, engaging video for a variety of businesses.

There are many video company stereotypes out there - from the ‘media darlings’ to the ‘budget boys’ to the ‘broadcast traditionalists’.

So what makes us ‘refreshingly different’?

In a nutshell, we make the message king - people are bombarded by thousands of messages a day so films need to deliver on their promise. What’s the point of a great looking film if it says nothing memorable or long lasting? This is fundamental to our approach to filmmaking:

Step 1 - Creative Ideas - Finding the nugget that will engage people in an interesting way. Utilising our advertising skills we get to the core of the message through creative brainstorming to produce simple, cut through ideas.

Step 2 - Dynamic Production - Bringing alive the idea in a modern, cost effective way by embracing 21st century technology with a tapeless workflow, latest high-definition cameras and innovative tracking systems to give movement and flow to our work. We specialise in shooting outstanding talking head interviews, using professional lighting set-up and green screen technology to enhance the background and speaker.

Step 3 - Modern Post -Production - With 3 editing suites running the latest versions of Final Cut Pro Studio we can edit quickly and efficiently including adding full-motion graphics for titling, headings, logos, etc.  We are  experts  in compressing, encoding and uploading high-definition footage for the internet, writing various technical articles.


Key specialist areas include corporate, property and online video.

Clients: Nokia, Proctor and Gamble, Sunderland Council, Coastal Retreats.

Spacedust Films are also an approved supplier on the North East England Service Provider Register.

We have also just launched our new sister site - that specialises in online video ads.

If you want a refreshingly different approach to your next video project please get in touch.

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