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Introducing the Polecam System
Polecam is a unique, single operator broadcast quality camera crane available in HD or SD. Designed specifically to be lightweight and very transportable, quick to rig and operating either off battery or AC supply.

la Polecam y BMW from onbroadcast on Vimeo.

It will mount on a standard lightweight tripod and dolly or via the supplied body harness for complete mobility. Polecam gives you smooth, floating crane shots, raising the production values of any programme. The small profile head permits unique and new angles that would be hard to get any other way.

Cameramen, producers and more importantly audiences love big sweeping shots, boom-ups, glide-ins - nothing delivers production value like a crane. But everyone knows that cranes come at a price - setup time, size, weight, and other limitations; until now. Polecam is the crane unleashed! Imagine a 20' foot crane you can put anywhere (in a boat, a pick-up, a golf cart, or on a harness!), a crane you can set up in under 10 minutes, and then move anywhere you like in seconds. Polecam delivers all the production value of a typical jib - in less space, with less weight and much faster set up time.

Polecam's 'secret' is technology. For 10 years Polecam has been developing and refining the best in the latest technologies to take the jib into the 21st century. Carbon fibre is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Micro-motors provide zero-backlash control for smooth and steady moves. Broadcast quality mini-camera systems give you images to rival their full-sized counterparts. All of these combine to make Polecam a cutting-edge production tool for your production needs.

Polecam are proud to be the official distributor for Toshiba and Iconix cameras. We are also the only UK reseller of cameras from Camera Corps. In addition we have access to and can provide a wide range of other cameras, lenses and accessories. Please contact us with your requirements.

Having a dedicated sales team we are confident that we can provide high quality miniature camera solutions, technical back-up and sales service bar none. Our range covers 1-CCD or 3-CCD SD or HD options as well as specialist EM-CCD (low light) and high speed cameras.


Underwater Love?
If you've got the need to film around, on and most of all underwater then our FishFace and DiveBag submersible options are perfect for your needs.

Introducing FishFace, a completely submersible camera housing and Pan & Tilt unit with full 360 degree pan capability with unrestricted movement.

Accommodating remote head SD and HD cameras it can be used either on Polecam or with a standalone clamp.

Live transmission air-water-air shots are easily realised making FishFace ideal for unique shots especially for Sports and Natural History.

DiveBag is an economic solution to enable a Polecam to operate a few centimetres underwater*. A two piece latex rubber housing that fits over a standard Polecam head with full 360 degree pan capability and virtually unrestricted movement.

Live transmission air-water-air shots are easily realised making DiveBag ideal for unique shots especially for Sports and Natural History.

* For a completely submersible camera housing we recommend our FishFace unit.


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