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2002 Studio Media Ltd

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2002 Studio Media Ltd
0208 907 8634
Steven Gurevitz
123a Kenton Road,
Harrow London,
HA3 0AZ,
England UK

About 2002 Studio Media Ltd

2002 Studios is a music production studio based in London. We offer a range of services from music and sound for videogames and new media, to studio for hire and even the capture of speech for a range of media platforms. We will create sound for any content including small projects for new media such as flash animations and web design, Iphone and mobile apps and UI. We will also handle medium and large screen content. See a sample of our portfolio at

We are based around Pro-Tools and offer a superb mixing environment.

2002 Studios also offers a great value Audio Mastering service and can facilitate all duplication needs if required.

In short we do:
  • Music production
  • Singles/albums
  • Composition
  • New media sound and music
  • Videogames sound and music
  • Speech
  • Localistion


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