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Mark Ronaghan Cameraman/Editor

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Mark Ronaghan Cameraman/Editor
Mark Ronaghan

About Mark Ronaghan Cameraman/Editor

If you thought that perfect video productions just materialised at the press of a button, you can think again because behind every frame is a very creative camera operator who possesses the magic touch to make everything flow smoothly and easily.

Mark Ronaghan is not only an experienced, professional camera operator but he is also an editor. His experience in non linear editing is a plus factor to enhance his skills. Mark does not work with a wait-and-see attitude. Even while still filming a project, Mark's creative mind is already looking ahead visualising the finished product.

Mark prides himself on being part of a team aiming for success in every project.
He works extensively with all the major broadcasters, independent productions, companies and corporate clients to come up with the best results in news, documentaries, sport events and other forms of programming. He delivers the highest quality and professional performance for his clients on a 24/7 basis, come hail or high water, and regardless of the location and condition.

His flair, imagination and expertise adds up to produce powerful and creative video productions.
Expect more advancement in his productions as Mark offers Glidecam V-25. A professional body-mounted camera stabilization system. The Glidecam V-25 System incorporates advanced engineering and precision machining, making it one of the most sophisticated camera stabilization systems.

Mark is conveniently based in Cavan which is less than 2 hours away from most of the major cities in the North East of Ireland.

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