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The Sound Company Audio Post Production
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Amy Oliver
The Old School,
23 Gosfield Street,
London UK,

About The Sound Company Audio Post Production

Voice Recording and Post-production studios for Broadcast, Corporate, Web, Animation…

Most productions at some stage involve the recording of at least one voice artist. Our seven sound studios are designed and equipped specifically to undertake this sort of work to the highest standard. Our talented team are well versed in these subtle arts, as they are in Post-Production.

We're ideally situated - close to Oxford Circus and BBC New BH.

In our sound studios we record wild (not to picture) or picture-sync voice-overs, narrations and links. Also roundtable radio programmes, podcasts, ensemble recordings and much more.

Our voice booths vary in size which determines the number of voice artists that can be accommodated simultaneously. When booking, please always specify the number of voices that will be recorded together.

Depending on client requirements we may deliver "as recorded" - or edited, or mixed with music and sound effects - to R128 standards for Broadcast if required. Some voices can produce quite noticeable mouth clicks & slaps, some voices breathe very heavily. It may be that you'll want the files cleaned-up after the recording. We can do that if enough time is booked - or it may have to be the next day, or you may be able to that yourself.

Using ISDN or Source Connect we can connect to studios around the world and, if required, achieve picture-synch if they have the right equipment. This system is used frequently. You can also direct/produce sessions via Skype or normal phone. We can send you the audio files or Pro Tools sessions by our speedy File Transfer service.

Don't check the recordings using Windows Media Player - unless the computer is in tip-top condition WMP can play with stutters, clicks and can truncate files. We would recommend an old version of Cool Edit if you can find one, Adobe Audition for editing & Sony Sound Forge for batch conversions. However, Audacity (free) is a good starting point. Talk to us first. Advice is free.
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