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About Frontniche

Frontniche are a sales & marketing company with Unique/Niche products developed under contract for the Broadcast and Postproduction market. They also exclusively market other unique products as distributors.

The main objective of the company is to be the first with a product.


Frontniche were the first company in the World to launch:
  • SDI I/P Plasmas in 1999
  • SDI I/P TFT LCD in 2000
  • HDSDI I/P LCD in 2003
  • HDSDI I/P Integrated Quad LCD’s in 2005 which became the industrial standard in all European OB‘s

This was well before Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Hitachi etc who followed with their own designs around 2 years later.

Frontniche monitors manufactured by Vutrix were 10% of the OB market in the UK with only Sony having more installs .

Frontniche launched ‘Magnum’ which was the first SDI input and O/P DVD recorder/player at IBC 2008.


Frontniche then launched the first modified Professional Blu-ray Player with HDSDI O/P in July 2009 (Pioneer BDP 6000).

In 2010 Frontniche launched the first ever modified JVC BD recorder with HDSDI I/P and O/P.

Frontniche developed the first professional 23” full native 3D TFT LCD in 2010.

During 2010 Frontniche signed an exclusive agreement with V3i to market and appoint distributors for the ‘All in one’ 3D professional Broadcast camera in Europe Middle East and Africa.

Frontniche launched at IBC 2011 the Flag Ship product ‘Blue George’ which is the worlds first Multi-format Blu-ray recorder that records direct to Blu-ray Disc and as of October 2012 in ‘Real Time.

Blue George has HDSDI I/P & O/P and was the first none PC product in the world to go into production using the Intel QSV encoder.

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