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Howard Rose
225-229 Eastside Complex Pinewood Studios,
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About Broadcast Systems Europe Ltd

Broadcast technical consultants Systems Design & Integration Defence CT Integration

We have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of working and designing complex IP and broadcast Systems. We can source any product and integrate into complex infrastructures giving the end user simple usability in a complex work environment. Having worked in both systems engineering and large scale television production allows us to understand the whole delivery network from start to finish.
Our Management Consulting has worked all over the world .
The defence team offer bespoke systems integration in the FR and CT environment allowing unique complex analysis using real-time reporting, VR 360 data and encrypted streaming.

Channel Launches and Tendering EPG Scheduling and Ingest Broadcast Facilities Management

Channel Launches. We can get you on air! We are very efficient at guiding you through the process of acquiring multi-tier broadcast platforms including license application, compliance,` scheduling and contract negotiations for services. We specify and write technical tenders for clients allowing the bid process to be clear and accurate.

2017 has seen us launch multiple channels across 29 different types of broadcast, IP and social media networks in SD,HD, UHD or higher. We can source Paid for content and advertising for placement on your channel. We supply EPG sourcing and sales and offer Ingest hardware and media workflow systems design. Our specialists advise on bringing multiple systems and processes together to work as one.

Broadcast QC monitoring Broadcast & Playout Services Realtime Streaming - VR360 Technology Specialists

We provide MCR, Scheduling and QC services. Technical facilities management, management consulting with personnel.

Streaming systems design and builds with bespoke manufacturing using military grade computing and components, Please ask about our Vmix and Niagara 4K production products.

Independent uplink advice and bookings. Contract management. Emergency transmission services and disaster recovery. VR 360 production and implementation with equipment hire. Hosting and platform implementation services. Live production services for all sectors including Broadcast, Health, Education Defence and Private.

Products / Services / Credits

  • Sales
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  • Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Streaming
  • Power solutions
  • Wireless TX solutions
  • Lighting
  • Streaming
  • Installation
  • Previously operated equipment
  • Hire
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