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MTFX - High Voltage Special Effects
01452 729903
Mark Turner
Velt house,
Velt house Lane,
Elmore, Gloucester,
GL2 3NY,
Great Britain

About MTFX - High Voltage Special Effects

MTFX was founded in 1993 as a special effects company that was able to provide spectacular and artistic yet cost effective solutions for the TV/Film and live event industries. MTFX was founded by Mark Turner, an experienced pyrotechnician and special effects designer, who has been providing effects to the industry since 1985.

MTFX High Voltage is the MTFX division which specialises in high voltage stunts, special effects and props. Tesla coils, Van de Graaff generators, plasma balls, Jacob’s Ladders, are all regularly hired out for TV, film and live events and we can provide trained Technicians to perform high voltage stunts such as the Lightning Man and Cage of Death. We also sell a large selection of electrical props such as plasma balls and tubes, lightning panels and Van de Graaff generators on our online shop.

Recent high voltage FX credits include:
  • National Lottery TV ad
  • Duck Quacks Don’t Echo
  • Alton Towers
  • Breaking Magic
  • How Safe Is Your House?
  • Forbidden History
  • Engineering Connections
  • Mayhem & Mishaps Britain
  • Honda TV ad
  • Valencia Science Museum

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