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Cinelab London (Film Laboratories)

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Cinelab London (Film Laboratories)
01753 501500
Roger Harlow
715 Banbury Avenue,
SL1 4LR,

About Cinelab London (Film Laboratories)

Cinelab London is the only facility providing a complete offering of all 8mm film, 16mm film and 35mm film processing, digital film and film sound services under one roof.

Established for over 30 years we provide an independent facility with the emphasis on personal service and a total commitment to quality.

The service we offer includes Camera Negative Development, HD Film Rushes services, Arri recording and Sound Neg recording, Bulk release printing, Arriscan film scanning, DCP creation/distribution, Film Restoration, Film cleaning and defects checking, Student Film Services.

Our aim is to consistently exceed our clients' expectations by providing the highest: quality product – customer service – support and satisfaction.


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