Broadcast News Archive for September, 2002
02/09/2002 Facilities have major health and safety concerns – Skillset
Research by Skillset has shown that facilities houses (suppliers of technical equipment and services) have become increasingly concerned about the skills base of clients. Some crews lack a basic und

02/09/2002 Iskra Television get wise with Einstein deal
Iskra Television, the UK-based distributor of clips, shorts, programmes and formats has signed a recent deal that sees them further expanding the content remit of their established online library, Isk

02/09/2002 ITV giants face ad sales inquiry
Carlton and Granada are to face an ITC investigation into how they sell advertising on the ITV network. The ITC chairman, Sir Robin Biggam, wants renewed assurances from the ITV giants that they are

02/09/2002 LG.Philips Displays' picture tube wins EISA award
LG.Philips Displays' high definition (HD) picture tube is part of Philips' revolutionary 32PW9527 Pixel Plus TV, which has won the prestigious European Television of the Year 2002-2003 award from the

02/09/2002 New BBC production area supplied by HHB
Halfway between a Network control suite and a direct to air studio, the BBC's new interactive production area (IPA) at Wood Lane is a multi-streaming environment that places high demands on operators

02/09/2002 Treasury agrees borrowing limit for BBC commercial subsidiaries
The Treasury has agreed a borrowing limit of £350 million for the BBC's commercial subsidiaries, BBC Ventures Group (encompassing BBC Resources Ltd, BBC Technology Ltd, BBC Broadcast Ltd and Kingswood