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For someone interested in entering this sector you can find information on courses available in Universities. The future is bright , reflecting on the success of animation in the box office, the UK can take advantage of this and there are now the resources available to do this and there are also opportunities available outside of film, like commercials, corporate videos and explainer videos . Most companies now realise the importance of video to promote themselves, often an animated video is the easiest and most cost effective method.
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Industry Developments By White Wabbit  There are two distinct veins to animation and they rarely cross one another and have only a little use for one another's technology.Read More >>

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Animation: Should It Cost The Earth?
It is a common misconception that high quality animation requires a substantial budget and is confined to the realms of large brands and marketing agencies with their big campaigns! Adele John is the lead animator at Big Paw Animation in Southampton and has noticed that over the last decade the cost of producing an animated corporate video has been driven down by advances in hardware and softwa
Engaging Online Audiences Through Animation
As demand for visual content increases and more of us jump aboard the video train, animation is attracting quite the following from those looking to separate themselves from the competition with creative and compelling content that engages and retains their audience's attention, writes Timothy Foxx Neal, Yudle Animation.
NFTS: A Driving Force For UK Animation
First opening its doors in 1971 as the National Film School (NFS), it was a joint effort by the industry and government to create an institution where talent could be educated and trained for the British Film Industry. Today, it is the only film school in the UK with its own film and television studios, and post-production facilities to rival those of professional companies.
Animated Advertising: Is It Worth It?
Is an animated explainer film really worth producing? As an industry professional creating animated explainers, promos and corporates I'm here to tell you it's certainly worth considering, writes Tom Sanders, Head of Production and Animation Director, Tinmouse Animation. Having a video on your site, that is animated or not, can be 12 times more effective than text.
Animation Experts Take On Factual Television: Bringing Gaming CGI To TV Documentary
Leading animation studio RealtimeUK have embarked on major documentary series project for Sky Channel Yesterday. The Manchester-based company have joined forces with production company Impossible Factual and Canadian outfit Saloon Media to create the ambitious series 'Mummies Alive'.