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The aerial filming section of this website contains news, guidance and contact details for Aerial Filming companies. With the recent advent of UAV and drone filming things are changing all the time and it is vital to keep up to date with breaking news. The capabilities offered by the new aircraft are truly a game changer in terms of the shots achievable and flexibility for aerial camera work. Like any new industry regulation and safety is important particularly in the use of UAVs and Drones for filming we are glad that ARPAS and SUAS are contributing to the site giving their excellent professional guidance.
As well as all the excitement about the new aircraft in the sector, helicopter cameramen and helicopter filming are still and always will be a major part of the film and broadcast industry our news will reflect this as will the companies we profile, we also aim to cover the less traditional methods of aerial filming such as Balloon based filming and static crane based shooting. We hope you enjoy this page and it becomes an aerial filming guide for broadcast professionals.
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Drone Show Lands In London  The SkyTech 2016 UAV Conference & Exhibition returns for its second edition at London's Business Design Centre on the 27th & 28th January 2016.

Now in its second year SkyTech 2016 will include an exhibition, three conferences, workshops, product launches, live demonstrations and marketing opportunities for the commercial UAV industry.Read More >>

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Lights, Camera, Take Off...
While your first consideration should always be the skill and experience of the pilot and remote camera operator, your second should be the suitability of the drone. Surprisingly, our clients rarely ask us about this.
Flying High In The Legal Sky
When I became the MD of Alias Hire last year, I knew that I needed to take Alias into other directions, writes Danny Dawson. As a pure dry hire company we were okay. Not doing bad at all in fact. But new brooms do sweep clean and I was keen to make my mark. So, what directions? There's the obvious of course; crew and diverse kit.
Decode Discusses Drones
Decode has been flying drones for several years now, getting involved in productions ranging from commercials, feature films all the way through to corporate as well as servicing and maintenance. We have drones that can fly from the smallest camera to a full size RED Dragon or ALEXA Mini camera.
Taking Off With Ka-Boom
Capturing aerial footage is simple. This is true, for the most part, due to readily available off the shelf drones (or UAVs as they are sometimes referred). By Leonie May, Marketing, RUSTA. Capturing footage that is legal, useable and tells a story, however, adds a little more complexity to the equation.
UAV: How Has The Industry Developed
Over the past 12 months, I have visited and exhibited at numerous shows, trade days and exhibitions across the UK, writes James Rawlings, Wide Horizons. Some have been aimed solely at the UAV industry, others not so much. It was the shows which were not developed around the UAV industry which showed, in my opinion at least, the development of the UAV industry and where it looks to be heading.
Isle Of Staffa And Fingal's Cave
The mission brief was simple, the plan highly ambitious. We had to fly a drone, in a narrow sea cave, in a storm, on a remote Scottish island, in the middle of the Hebrides and come home unscathed. The only thing missing, the strap line, "Your mission should you choose to accept it...
Aerial Filming: Qualifications & Regulations
Competition in the UK for media production is fierce. Not only is it crucial to find new ways to produce and package the final product, but it is imperative to keep up with constantly evolving trends in technology in order to provide the leading edge for customers.
Drones Bonding With Cinema
Perhaps the most exciting branch of commercial UAV technology is its ability to water our creative soil. Cinematography and professional video services are, quite frankly, the sexiest of the UAV industry line-up, and using drones for these purposes has levelled the playing field for directors seeking that perfect panorama without spending thousands on a single helicopter shot.
International Drone Film Festival Lands In The UK
With their popularity growing massively in recent years, drones have opened up a whole new world of photography and filming for professional cinematographers and consumers alike, and now the UK has its very own drone film festival. DRONEFEST is an international film and photography competition culminating in a one-night festival dedicated to everything drones.
The Drone Shoot Workflow
Drones or UAVs can capture shots which simply cannot be achieved by other means. For film and television shoots, stunning high resolution footage is easily attainable by an experienced and professional team, but there are many considerations to be taken into account. In this article, we guide you through the typical workflow when conducting an aerial shoot.
It's All About Drones (UAVs)
I'm sure most people by now have heard about drones and the impact they can have in military combat missions. However, the likes of myself and other professional, aerial aficionados who share the same interest, to use the term 'drone' is a big no, no. Simply because it has so many negative connotations associated with it, writes Howard Rockliffe, Vistaworx.
Creating The Perfect Aerial Shoot
The Lens Foundry is a unique Camera Facilities Company, providing Aerial, Stabilised Camera Mounts, Tracking Vehicles, Motion Control & VFX solutions. Our team has over 18 years experience working on Feature Films, Television Dramas, Commercials, Promos & Documentaries.
2015: The Year Of The Drone
As a UAV film service operator we have noticed a sharp rise this year in interest coming from drama and features, much of which is down to ARRI developing a version of their iconic ALEXA camera in miniature that's a perfect fit for a gimbal, admits The Helicopter Girls. We started flying aerials rigs for television in 2012.
SUAS Unveils The Hawker Q800XE
The Hawker Q800XE meets the harshest requirements for industrial applications and when weather conditions need to be overcomes for safety missions, this platform remains one of the ultimate solution of the market.