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The aerial filming section of this website contains news, guidance and contact details for Aerial Filming companies. With the recent advent of UAV and drone filming things are changing all the time and it is vital to keep up to date with breaking news. The capabilities offered by the new aircraft are truly a game changer in terms of the shots achievable and flexibility for aerial camera work. Like any new industry regulation and safety is important particularly in the use of UAVs and Drones for filming we are glad that ARPAS and SUAS are contributing to the site giving their excellent professional guidance.
As well as all the excitement about the new aircraft in the sector, helicopter cameramen and helicopter filming are still and always will be a major part of the film and broadcast industry our news will reflect this as will the companies we profile, we also aim to cover the less traditional methods of aerial filming such as Balloon based filming and static crane based shooting. We hope you enjoy this page and it becomes an aerial filming guide for broadcast professionals.
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Hovercam Goes On The Hunt For Sharks  Hovercam's Benet Allen went shark-baiting with the team from ITV's Fishing Impossible...

They told us it was going to be straightforward, if a bit smelly. Two helicopters, and a 'Bambi bucket' full of what was described either as 'fish soup' or 'chum' – pour A into B, fly it out to the boys on the boat, and drop it in the water behind them. To attract sharks, of course.Read More >>

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BFV's Big Interview: BeyondHD
With 20 years specialising in aerial and vehicle-based stabilised remote head filming equipment and crew hire – from manned aerial filming and class leading commercial drones to high speed camera tracking vehicles and electric Quad all-terrain vehicles – BeyondHD know the market inside out. CEO Keith Harding answers our questions in this month's Big Interview...
Having A Whale Of A Time
I was in my office one day and the phone rang; it was my colleague Matt. Could I go and film some basking sharks off a smallish boat off the Isles of Mull & Coll with my drones? Oh, and by the way, it's for the BBC leaving Oban in 48 hours. No pressure there, then! My mind was whirring! Certainly a different job; my mind turned to the risk assessment with several things to consider.
Where Can You Fly UAVs?
Flying drones – or more correctly known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – are very quickly becoming the must-have new bit of kit for photographers and film makers. However, there are quite a few rules, principally from the CAA, that must be adhered to in order to stay legal. The lists below are intended to give you an idea, and are in no way exhaustive.
Baseball And Drones
In the UK you would not think that a professional drone pilot and baseball would meet... However, as a GB International Baseball umpire and as a professional drone pilot (naturally with a PFCO from the CAA), they have done and continue to do so. In June of this year I was commissioned by Baseball Softball UK (BSUK) (www.baseballsoftballuk.
Drone Specialists Know No Limits
Exclusive permissions for their heavy-lift cinematography drones is not enough for Aerial Motion Pictures (AMP). Their production team have recently added a remote tracking vehicle, complete with stabilised camera gimbal to their fleet. Drone specialists Aerial Motion Pictures have always been at the forefront of the aerial cinematography industry.
Skylark Aerial Photography Covers Breaking News

Skylark Aerial Photography were contacted by ITN News at 10 this week regarding a news story breaking in the Lake District. 

 They required drone footage to show the dramatic scenery in the area of filming (Borrowdale Valley), farmland and the farmhouse which was part of the news story.  Following the phone call at 10.
Aerialworx – From Wales To Whales
Like many an adventurer before us, we have always been fascinated by the stories of whales. Our appetite fuelled by many distant sightings of basking sharks cruising effortlessly off the coast of Wales. We had always longed to see the real deal and experience for ourselves the true magnitude of a goliath of the Ocean.
Icebox Video Productions Adds To Portfolio
Icebox Video Productions has announced its aerial filming UAS camera upgrade now includes the new DJI Zenmuse X5R Camera for aerial filming services. The technology means the company is now able to film UHD 4K video with the potential to grade the raw footage to a client's specification. Raw video is filmed onto the onboard SSD hard drive at 1.8-2.4Gbit/sec.
Skylark Aerial Photography Takes To The Sky
Skylark Aerial Photography is a commercial drone service based in the English Lake District. There has been much in the news recently about people getting into trouble for flying drones in airspace they shouldn't be in. However, systems are in place for professionals to get permissions, under licence, to take to the skies safely and Simon Handley is one of the elite.
Flying Camera Company Expands Portfolio
It's another busy year here at the Flying Camera Company. As well as the usual feature films, commercials, TV and drama shoots, we're also moving into the world of Natural History. We'll be working with Silverback Films (The Hunt, BBC) throughout the year on a new landmark series, travelling to some exciting and remote locations and hopefully capturing some stunning sequences.
Drone Experts Expand Offering
Oxfordshire based Aerial Motion Pictures (AMP) has expanded its broadcast, film and video offering with the recruitment of new Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved drone pilots with broadcast experience, alongside the launch of equipment hire and super-heavy lift drone white label services.
Professional Drones With Upper Cut Productions
With over 10 years' experience flying drones commercially, award-winning Upper Cut Productions is well placed to talk about the ins and outs of aerial filming at the top end of the industry.
Hands Up Who Got A Drone From Santa?
Exciting isn't it? The kind of exciting you haven't felt since you woke up to find that the big man in red had popped a bunch of matchbox cars in your stocking when you were seven. This time, however, you won't just while away hours making tiny tyre tracks in your mum's living room carpet whilst mimicking screechy wheel-spin noises.
Aerialworx – Drones In The Atlantic
In September 2015, Aerialworx were approached by Talisker Whisky to film their 2015 Atlantic Challenge, the world's toughest rowing race. More people have conquered Everest than have rowed across the Atlantic. Twenty-six teams of athletes endure this enormous challenge, facing one of the most perilous oceans on earth.