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BFV's Big Interview: Danmon Group  This month, Broadcast Film & Video discusses System Integration, the future of broadcasting, and technical development with Christoffer Kay, Chief Operating Officer, Danmon Group (Dan Technologies A/S).

BFV: Danmon is a familiar name to BFV readers through its Systems division with Danmon Group Systems and ATG Danmon.Read More >>

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Systems Integration: Successes, Challenges And What's Next
The broadcast industry is in a strange position where a slight reticence remains around new technologies' suitability for live operation. This means that more than ever, systems integrators need a more in-depth level of knowledge to offer clients the right advice and facilities – whether this is IP or SDI.
AKA Design Welcome The Rise Of Flexible Working
Sit-stand desks are said to be beneficial towards a person's health, mood and productivity, according to research, so it's no surprise that AKA Design have experienced an increase in requests for their rise-and-fall desks. This month, the company installed one of its custom rise-and-fall grading desks in Splice Post's new grading and viewing theatre, as part of a wider refurbishment project.
System Design Should Include Service Design
The term 'tech support' can conjure up some not-so-flattering images of sun-shy geeks speaking their own kind of binary language… but when a system crashes in the middle of a document you have spent hours on, their support is invaluable, writes Roger Henderson, CEO, TSL Systems.
Timeline Television Completes Design & Build Of BT Sport's Home
We were delighted to have been selected by BT Sport to lead on the transformation of part of the former International Broadcast Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, into the new home of BT's sports channels, BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN.
SIs Pour Their Hearts Into Software & IP Tech
Vendors don't want to fight with their SI partners: George Jarrett plays it again with SAM and talks to ATG Danmon and TSL Systems about the technical knowledge that keeps them ahead of the game... Two years ago the IABM reported, "If you are a systems integrator you are probably not in a good place at the moment.
Altered Images Completes Coventry University Project
Coventry University is a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education and a focus on applied research. Its students benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines, including health, design and engineering laboratories, performing arts studios and computing centres.
System Integrator Looks To The Future
The transition to 4K and IP architecture implies more sophistication, and for systems integrators such as dB Broadcast, more intelligent systems mean more complexity. Part of dB's response is to ensure that it has increasing levels of expertise in house as well as skilled contractors on its books.
IP Infrastructure Is Ready For The Challenge
In this second of two articles, Tom Swan, Sales and Marketing Director of dB Broadcast, explains how the system integrator keeps abreast of all the changes as the market undergoes rapid transition.
IP Infrastructure Is Ready For The Challenge
In this latest article, Tom Swan of system integrator dB Broadcast considers the extent to which IP / IT infrastructure is ready for all the challenges now and in the future. Q: UK Systems Integrators have provided best-of-breed solutions in which the most suitable products have been provided from many different vendors.
Broadcast Systems Integration Trends
Some decades ago, the opinion was expressed by an industry veteran that television broadcasters should climb the ladder up to higher technical standards as quickly as possible because they had the computer business snapping at their feet, says by Russell Peirson-Hagger, Managing Director, ATG Danmon UK.
Continuing In Business
A robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan is essential in any business. Thankfully, major events such as terrorist threats, earthquakes, floods or fire are fairly rare occurrences, writes Chris Steele, Managing Director, Marquis Broadcast. What is far more likely to affect the smooth running of any operation is simple equipment failure or human error.
Integration Strategies For TV Monitoring In The Cloud
The approach of the systems integrator is evolving with the broadcast industry. Legacy operations like production and playout are gradually moving to the cloud as more systems connect to the IT backbone. By Ted Korte, COO, Qligent. These advances have opened the door to move more operations-based tasks like QC and QoS monitoring to the cloud.
Connectivity Is Key To Improving Operational Efficiency
When looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, most organisations have implemented the obvious solutions and seen some reasonable returns for their efforts.
Making Broadcast Business A Pleasure
Readers of this magazine will recall the September issue describing how Provys (the leading provider of broadcast management software) scaled new heights in the land of Kilimanjaro, writes Pavel Vlasek, Project Manager, PROVYS.